Businesses, regardless of nature of industry, thrive on one particular thing: a game-changing idea. Isn’t that what all seek? Time and again, we search something definitive, something that can become the order of the day. And few realms other than the automotive space are where game-changing concepts are forever a norm.

Which is why it suffices to state- the conventional car is a ‘has-been!’ Long done, seen, experienced, played-around-with, been there, done that and is, perhaps on the way out.

Urban mobility, the new norm, with electric cars as its shape-shifting idea, is here.

And long considered the idea of tomorrow, electric cars- a definer of what our world would look like on the road, from the insides of a four-wheeled existence- are here. Make no mistake; they are here to stay.

In 2019 alone, no fewer than 4.79 million battery-operated vehicles were already in use around the world. That was a surge from 2018 numbers, wherein only 3.2 million EVs were in use (from

Pravaig Dynamics Extinction Electric Vehicle
©Pravaig Dynamics

You could be anyone- a blogger reviewing cars, a homemaker hooked onto Instagram, a YouTuber creating sports content, a NetFlix-addict or an Ad exec designing campaigns for bespoke footwear, nothing would arrest your attention as much as that statistic pertaining to the car industry.

Safe to say, change has caught up in India as well.

No longer is the idea that tomorrow India’s urban centers, the primers for accommodating a new technology, would welcome electric cars.

The country has embraced the changing tide.

Soon, there’ll be charging stations across all prominent Indian cities that are currently swamped by fuel pumps or gas stations.

More important than the change itself, is often the background that makes way for it.

And few things could be better than having something unique and hitherto unseen in India than Pravaig Dynamics- possibly that game-changing idea India’s been readying itself for.

So why’s Pravaig caught the eye?

For starters, the brand bearing a bold imprint has a simple and direct message for users and possible absorbers of the electrifying EV space.

A simple click on would state: expect belligerence from 2021.

A seemingly no-nonsense brand that oozes the EV idea!

Dynamic shots of superior high-resolution cars bearing a sporty look with a very Formula 1-like grandeur are arresting and clear.

Come to think of it.

When it comes to electric cars, then one’s downright focus is the utility, the core idea of the EV business model. When you are already fully electric, what more can you do?

But Pravaig aren’t interested or so it seems in taking the conventional route.What more can you do apart from developing a purely-electric car high on performance?

Pravaig, not exactly hard to state, have gone a step extra: in aligning the utility stemming from a fully electric car with a sporty elegance.

For where it comes to electric cars in India, not too hard to spot, indigenous makers, in all due respect, haven’t really gone into detailing the looks and going a step ahead in design.

Pravaig Dynamics Extinction Electric Vehicle
©Pravaig Dynamics

Pravaig maintains, a top speed of 196 kilometers. What’s more? To the nerds, the power output of 150 kilowatt isn’t the only promise, you can accelerate in this gorgeous sedan up to 100 km/hr. within 5 seconds.

Of course, when you can deliver power and performance in a shapely design- why shy away from trying? Was that the guiding principle of Pravaig Dynamics that have a fully functional and up-and-running battery plant in Bangalore- it’s anyone’s guess.

But cars also produce several anxieties for the owner, pretty much the critical areas that this fully ‘Make-in-India’ brand seems to have addressed.

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Needless spending on fuel, having to bear a high or extra cost for maintenance!

Too much worry in owning conventional cars. No?

But where it comes to Pravaig Dynamics, the core brains behind a one-of-a-kind futuristic step forward for India with EV’s seem to have offered a bright hope for what’s to follow.

So the question is- has tomorrow or the future arrived today?

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