New Delhi: In a bold step towards bringing the issues of LGBT community into limelight, MTV has featured a ‘lesbian kiss’ in its TV show –“Big F”.

The show, focussed on the forbidden fantasies of the youngsters, showcased the intimacy between the two girls in the recent episode.

It was the first time that a TV show portrayed the same sex love in positive light. It can be seen as an attempt towards including the people of LGBT community in the social fabric of the nation.

The Episode

The episode titled “I Kissed A Girl” depicts the tale of a young fashion designing student Sharmishta who is confused about her sexuality.

She is being ridiculed for her unusual behavior and also bashed for not having a boyfriend.

While she was trying to live her life as per the defined norms of society, something shocking happens with her which changes her life completely.

A girl named Madhurima enters her life, only to make her realize that she is not a normal girl.

She faced the shocking reality that she was living in denial and is actually attracted towards women and not men.

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How can it change the society?

It can be seen as a redefining moment for the Indian television as it showcased the “taboo” topic in the public domain.

Homosexuality is not the topic we Indians discuss in public or even like to talk about it.

But now since it has been portrayed on the national television, it is bound to trigger conversations. Whether positive or negative at least the people will talk about it, which is necessary to bring equality for the LGBT community.

However, society is gradually becoming vocal and sensitive towards the rights of these people.

A few months back, a flash mob featuring gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender performed at the heart of Delhi –Connaught Place to highlight the cause of LGBTQ community. It was appreciated and cheered by the folks from the different fields.

Also, the legalization of Gay marriages in United States of America has created a positive impact in India too. There have been discussions related to it on various social platforms.

Now, with lesbian romance hitting the television screen, it has given hope for something concrete happening in favor of LGBT community in the days to come.

22 Nov 2015

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