“Raabta” Title Song’s Music Is So Similar To “Stole The Show” Of Kygo And It Can Not be A Coincidence!

“Raabta” title track hit our sensual nerves as they included Deepika Padukone in it and by doing so they have made this song utterly sensual.  When we heard the song, my only focus was on the visuals as it was inevitable to take my eyes off her but when we heard it twice, it sounded a bit familiar (which we did mention at the end of the review).

While this thought was perplexing our mind we tried to listen to some songs that popped up into our mind until we realize that the beats of the song are very similar to “Kygo – Stole The Show”, the only difference is that they have been accelerated. So, basically, we think Raabta’s music might be lifted (remember people, we said might be, we aren’t sure).

Knowing that Pritam is the music director of the song anything is possible as the composer has already been alleged for music lifting.

We Are Leaving The Decision Up To You, Listen To Both Of Them And Tell Us What You Think!

Here Is Raabta’s Title Track:

Here Is Kygo – Stole The Show:

Now aren’t those beat sound same but just a little faster in Raabta? Leave Your Comments Below. 

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