‘Dirty Flirty’: Govinda Is Back With His Moves But They Lack Something Major

‘Dirty Flirty’ from Govinda’s new venture “Aa Gaya Hero” is here and while the song kinda takes us back to Govinda days, we just don’t know the actual need to have a song with this kind of lyrics.

But one this is for sure, this ‘Dirty Flirty’ music video would take you back to early 2000s when Bollywood had an immense amount of fondness for adding white women in music videos. While some fans of Govinda have enjoyed his revival through “Aa Gaya Hero“, some are questioning the song’s existence just like us.

‘Dirty Flirty’: Watch The Full Video Here:

( Video Courtesy: Zee Music Company )

It would take you a minute to take all the apparent glamour in your system. ‘Dirty Flirty’ has been sung by Mika and Swati Sharma. The music has been given by Viky & Hardik, as well as the lyrics are been downed by Shabbir Ahmed.

Aa Gaya Hero” has actors like Govinda, Poonam Pandey, Juhui Kha and Seema Shing. The film would release on 24th February 2017.

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