Twitter trends are beyond one’s understanding. At times, it surprises us that  how a thing which is totally crappy and lousy can trend on twitter. Now we all know Bollywood produces loads of movies in a year, only some of them are a piece of art, some of them are good in content but some of the movies carry icky content.

A trailer of upcoming Bollywood movie is trending on twitter and the movie is titled – “A Scandall”. The movie is loaded with sex scenes and supernatural crap. You can not make out whether it is a horror movie or a parade that introduces us to various sex positions. The company that produced this movie is called “Let’s Ring The Bbell” and that is the most awkward name we have ever come across. That’s not it, a fine actor Manav Kaul is there in the film and we can not guess what he is doing in the middle of a lusty, family, horror, or love flick.

Watch The Trailer Of “A Scandall” Here:

(Video Courtesy: Zee Music Company)

We hope now you got what we were trying to say but if you are still interested then here are the details. The movie stars Reeth Mazumder, Johny B Baweja, Manav Kaul & Tanvi Vyas in the key roles.

Written and directed by Ishan Shrivedi, the movie is slated to release on 24 June 2016.

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7 June 2016
Avni S. Singh

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