India’s ‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka: The Secret That Remains Hidden Even In Today’s Time!!

Imagine one fine day you wake up to know that everything in your life is controlled by a secret society that has the power to pull each and every string, will you believe it?

The west side of the world is aware or at least heard of secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati but in India, it sounds almost impossible but then a country, that has incredibly rich history makes India a home of many secrets and unknowns.

India too has a secret society that was formed in 273 B.C by the great Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka. The secret society was called the Nine Unknown Men and this society played the major role in shaping the social, political, economic and scientific progress.

Why The Nine Unknown Men Was Established?

Samrat Ashoka was considered as the Ruthless leader until he conquered Kalinga. He won Kalinga war at the cost of 100,000 lives, the huge loss of lives and lethal bloodshed changed him as a person and he took up Buddhism. After that, Ashoka devoted his life in the quest intellect and peace.

Samrat Ashoka realised that Ancient India has achieved the vast knowledge and human civilisation which he needs to preserve as he believed if it fell into wrong hands, it will result in a disaster.

To preserve the knowledge and Indian civilisation he formed a secret society – The Nine Unknown Men. Ashoka imparted the valuable knowledge in the fields of Microbiology, Propaganda, Cosmology, Physiology, Sociology, Alchemy, Light, Communication, and Gravity.

The Legend and Its Existence

1. Talking Bronze Head

It is said that the first French Pope, Pope Sylvester II visited India through mystery voyage. During his voyage, he met with the Nine Unknown and  learnt incredible feats. He also learnt the technique of creating a bronze head that answered questions in Yes or No. This talking skull functioned on a mechanisation similar to the binary systems.

‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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The Pope possessed the ancient robot skull and many other incredible inventions that he created from the knowledge he learnt from  the Nine Unknown Men. Though, all the inventions were destroyed with his death.

2. How The Knowledge Cured Plague and Cholera

We all know Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin saved the word from bubonic Cholera and Plague but the lesser known story is that he visited Madras, India where he met the descendants of the Nine Unknown Men and learnt the technique of preparing the immunotoxin that could work as a remedy to Cholera.

9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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It is said that the secret society had the knowledge during Ashoka’s reign but they kept it a secret because of their oath to maintain the secrecy. When the epidemic was too much to bear in 1890 the descendants shared the knowledge with Yersin.

3. The Secret Behind The Purity Of Ganges

Louis Jacolliot, the French barrister, colonial judge, lecturer and author witnessed that despite thousands of pilgrims ( from which many of them had contagious diseases) dip in the water of Ganges daily and it did not contaminate the water of the holy river.

9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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It was Jacolliot who pointed that may be the Nine Unknown Men developed the technique of sterilising by radiation way before it was conceptualised by new science. He also claimed that river Ganga has a secret temple in the river bed that generates the radiation and keeps the water pure since this incredible property was not found in any other river.

4. The Secret Of Space Travel, Gravitation And Aerodynamics That India Preserves

The Nine Unknown Men had a book called Vaimānika Shāstra that consists of many secrets about Aerodynamics, Gravitation and Space Travel. There have been many theories that ancient India had airplanes in epics such as Ramayana and they were not only capable of flying but also capable of space travel.

‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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Though, there have been many theories against these claims but the Sanskrit text found in Lhasa which has the instructions to build interstellar or the ancient Indian scripts found in Afghanistan that resemble the description of Vimana, indicate that the knowledge of Gravitation, aerodynamics, space travel has been preserved by the Nine Unknown.

5. Scientific Revelations Written On Palm Leaves.

It is said that Nine Unknown Men had the knowledge of the secrets of Gravitation that dealt chiefly with gravity control. It is believed that extracts of scientific revelations have been found written on Palm leaves. These palm leaves are believed to have the information about heat, light, electromagnetic fields, color, analyzing the components of the solar rays, instructions on building machines for capturing solar energy and instructions on communicating with extra terrestrials.

‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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The text written on these Palm Leaves is known as Amsu Bodhini and the information was found in the villages of Karnataka in southern India.

6. The Knowledge of The Power Of Influencing The Mass

It is believed that the first book of secrets that The Nine Unknown preserve has the accurate instructions on psychological warfare and these instructions can be used to influence masses. This knowledge can make one establish authority even over the world.

‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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It is believed that Hitler, who wanted to rule the whole world was interested in these texts and tried extracting the knowledge many times. He had sent many groups to Tibet and India to achieve the information during the 1930s.

Some believe that Nazis did get a part of the secret information which helped them in manipulating Germans.

7. The Perplex Anti-gravitational Research

One of the books that The Nine Unknown preserved consists the process of building interstellar spaceships with the help of anti-gravitational laws. It also discusses Laghima ( a physiological phenomenon through which humans can defy gravity.

'9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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Some of the texts were found in Tibet where India was not ready to take the anti-gravitational studies seriously, China announced to use the texts for scientific research on the anti-gravitational force.

8. The Books Written On The Secret Society

Ashoka’s secret society came in light by a half myth, half scientific theory “Nine Unknown Men” by Talbot Mundy in 1923. In 1960, Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels claimed that in their book “The Morning of the Magicians” the Nine Unknown Men were real but the story of Pope Sylvester II was illustrated.

‘9 Unknown Men’ Of Ashoka
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Some recent books such as  “Finders Keepers: (2015) by Swapan Saxena and “Mahabharata Secret” (2013) by Christopher C. Doyle also discuss the ancient secret society of India.

Ashoka instructed his Nine Unknown men to remain confined and it is believed that they still exist and preserve secrets which have been passed through generations.

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11 November 2016
Avni S.Singh

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