The Internet is such a great place. It offers one an unlimited amount of information and knowledge about everything in the world, without going anywhere. It has also provided a platform where people can say whatever they want and pinpointers at whoever they want, all within the comfort of their home and place.

It has also offered one a place to ask mindless and unnecessary questions about each and everything that a public figure does, especially celebrities.

So, Priyanka Chopra looked absolutely stunning at the Royal wedding and no one can really question that statement. She wore Vivienne Westwood and graced the wedding with her poised and charming self. And, while the world adored her outfit choice and her overall, Jaya Jaitly from India thought she should have gone with something else, something more Indian because well she’s Indian and a global star, not a person who can decide for whatever they want to wear.

Jaya Jaitly, former Samata Party president, an activist, author and Indian handicrafts curator, criticised Priyanka Chopra for choosing to wear ‘British aristocrat’ attire and not a traditional Indian saree at the Royal Wedding. Her remark over Priyanka’s outfit was stark and definitely not in the good light.

Jaitly needs to know and understand that each and every place has some rules and it’s mandatory for every Royal Wedding’s female guest to come sporting a day-dress and a hat. Along with that, anyone can wear whatever they want to, Priyanka was not invited to the wedding to represent the country but as a friend and it’s her decision to wear whatever she wants. There are many on Twitter who totally agree with what we said and have reacted in a similar way to Jaya Jaitly’s remarks. Check them out here:

Public figures need to understand that each and everything that they say has repercussions, which is why they should see the good in people rather than finding flaws in each and everyone around them.

Jyotsna Amla

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