Have you heard about the yet-to-release Van Damme Netflix movie? There’s no one reason as to why you must anticipate this one; there are multiple reasons why you could expect some typical Van Dammage in this one! For starters, it’s not always that one gets to see a Jean-Claude Van Damme on Netflix, the go-to movie watching platform of the world, more like a popular contemporary way of today’s times.

Of course, the nicely-received Jean Claude Van Johnson, which came a little over a couple of summers before was an exception. The other big reason is that the Van Damme Netflix movie is location-heavy! In fact, it was only a recent news that stated that Jean Claude Van Damme had arrived in the princely European city of Kiev to shoot for his keenly-anticipated next release.

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Having said that, the fans’ expectation of a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie is one that’s underlined with quintessential martial arts moves, and where it comes to the high endurance martial arts grooves, then can we avoid the splits? The famous splits which in recent past set the famous Volvo trucks alight, the famous commercial finding its way to Cannes Advertising film festival.

Could anyone else barring JCVD have pulled off such an onerous stunt- there are no prizes for guessing.

But moving on, what are the other aspects that make the yet-to-release Van Damme Netflix movie worth a watch?

For starters, the up and coming Van Damme Netflix flick is going to be an interesting on-screen portrayal for everyone’s favorite ‘Muscles from Brussels’ in that it’s going to have Van Damme combine his action artistry to some comic shenanigans

An action comedy, with Van Damme in the lead role is no longer anything bizarre or uninspiring in that with former releases like Welcome To The Jungle and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the famous Belgian action star has already proven his acting mettle where it comes to donning more challenging roles.

Having said that, it’s also interesting to note that gone are the days where the 59-year-old (imagine, JCVD is that old- does he look like?) was considered a banal actor and just someone who could kick butt. In fact, famous acting legends like Nicholas Cage have gone on to credit Van Damme for his acting talent, in reference to the 2008-release starring the martial arts actor in a movie that was actually named JCVD!

Why Kiev was chosen as a location for the current film’s schedule is down to the fact that as of this year, Ukraine had announced a 16.6 per cent cash rebate for local and international film and TV production, which is a win-win for the film’s makers and crew.

Additionally, a leading news platform also happened to state the following:

Although filming is slowly restarting across Europe, current coronavirus restrictions are both impeding filming processes and pushing back release dates across the industry. 

However, the upcoming months are sure to be interesting for Kyiv as the city forms the backdrop to a film that looks to revive the golden age of 1980s action movies in the era of online streaming. 

To sum it up, even as the latter half of Van Damme’s film journey hasn’t had too many big-screen releases and the fact that most of his flicks have been direct-to-DVD releases, his recent flicks haven’t exactly riled up fans or crticis.

Big credit to this is down to the fact Van Damme himself has desired to open up a little and experiment with other genres that aren’t exactly hardcore ‘beat-up-the-baddies-in-a-merciless way! Part of this was evident to the fact that while some of his latest movies did carry the Van Damme quintessence of hardcore gun-slinging action, a few other flicks were centred on great plots and divergent storylines.

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For now, safe to presume that the Van Damme Netflix film must be something out of the blue for the kind of interest it’s brewing in mainstream media, of late. So would you go for it in the coming days?

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