This GOT Character Just Died And Twitter Cannot Stop Talking About It!

The betrayer, who worked like a sweet poison in GOT till now has been executed and GOT fans are oozing with immense happiness. If you are experiencing strain in recalling his name, then here are the hints, he is the one who betrayed Ned Stark, also got him executed, he first married Sansa and then sold her to a rapist, he was the one who responsible for the downfall of the Starks, planned and plotted against everyone he knew and for god knows why, he is the one who is reason behind the war between the seven kingdoms. Phew!

Still confused? Well, then don’t put your brain in so much trouble because it is Petyr Baelish. Yes, finally he is dead and GOT fans couldn’t bear the feeling of joy his death brought to them.

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First thing first, the death of Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger is possibly the first death that is making Game Of Thrones dance with delight and the best part of all is that it was the team of Starks who actually made it happen. Icing on the cake huh?

Of course, Littlefinger didn’t see that coming because he always thought, he is too smart to know nothing but it turns out he was a snob who actually had no idea that people could be smarter than him.

I don’t care if his soul rests in peace or not but people here on Twitter are going crazy over his death and you must see what they have to say. (Actually, most of them are Happy)

1. You Remember This?

Mai on Twitter

Goodbye little finger go to hell #GameOfThronesFinale

2. Karma Man, Karma!

GoT Things on Twitter

Ladies and Gentlemen, Little Finger is finally dead #GameofThrones

3. You Had It Coming!

Izzy on Twitter

When Little Finger finally got what he had coming #GameofThrones

4. You Knew It Would Happen One Day!

KB on Twitter

I’m sorry, but the best scene of the entire episode was the Stark kids triple teaming Little Finger.. #GameofThrones

5. I Love You Sansa For This!

Lisa Bee on Twitter

Petyr Baelish: “I love you.” Sansa: “That’s your problem.” #GameOfThrones

6. Can You Not Be Happy?

Mj on Twitter

GameOfThronesFinale The whole Got Fandom when little Finger was killed

7. Oh! Really? Playing Too Smart To Die?

Adam Best on Twitter

Littlefinger: “None of you were there to see what happened. None of you knows the truth.” Bran: #GameOfThrones

8. Dancing Like No One Is Watching!

lala ✨ on Twitter

@msmj007 YAAASSSS

9. The Coolest Gang Of GOT!

Raúl on Twitter

Petyr baelish: I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling Starks

Then there are these fans who are sad but for a whole different reason!

1. Ouch!

H on Twitter

Goodbye Little finger. #GameOfThrones

2. True That!

Hijra on Twitter

I have to give Aidan Gillen a hand for a phenomenal performance as a Little Finger. You will be missed.#GameOfThrones #GameOfThrones

3. Ummm… May Be!

Kaity Scott on Twitter

Am I the only one going into mourning? #petyrbaelish #bae #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #GoT #crying #littlefinger #shook

4. Well, Okay!

Cederick Amoo on Twitter

Game of thrones After 7 seasons(years) winter has finally come Rip lord baelish I’ll personally miss your deceit.

5. Iconic, Certainly!

Hijra on Twitter

@wlad_007 One of my favorite quotes in the show. Iconic

This is what we call Justice. What goes around comes back around and while you were busy in plotting and betraying everyone Lord Baelish, you forget about the Karma, who just came and bit your A**.

I couldn’t be happier and I am dying to see what happens in the next season.

28 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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