The Trailer Of Britney Spears’ Biopic Will Take You By Storm!

“Britney Ever After”, the most awaited biopic of Britney Spears life is gonna premiere on 18 February 2017, on Lifetime and the enthralling teaser is here. Britney Spears, the popular rockstar of her time has always made news but her traumatic phase during the mid-2000s made the most newspaper headlines. Britney Ever After focuses on the distressing experiences of American singer, dancer and actress life.

Natasha Burnett is playing the lead character and watching her play a Britney ‘who hits the rock bottom, goes under depression and shaves her head off’, is disturbing and sends the chill down to your spine. The makers have included the devastating experiences such as ‘when Britney attacked paparazzi with an umbrella’, they have also included her marriage with Kevin Federline and other life events which chronicle the journey from the downfall of a global star to the triumphant resurrection.

Watch The Teaser Here:

(Video Courtesy: Britney Spears Argentina)

This teaser of Britney Ever After has some really messed up shit that Britney has gone through in her life and being able to watch her life through the lens will surely be one of a kind experience, so don’t forget to turn on your DVR.

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24 January 2017
Avni S. Singh

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