Movies are everyone’s friends. They are a great hangout. Whether or not you have a company or some friends around- there are few things out there that can match the pleasure of watching a Netflix movie. There was a time where downloading movies was fun. And for some, it was, truth be told, quite like an order of the day. The trend continued in parallel to buying movies and trying to get one’s hands on pirated or illegally sourced films.

Who would’ve imagined then, that at the cost of paying just a monthly fee for a fixed period of time that the entire idea of watching films would change so drastically? You don’t need to wait about cringe-worthy movies that make your heart filled with insatiable pleasure. You need not lose yourself in the often confusing by-lanes of the Internet- wondering about what movies to see and which ones to avoid. Here’s why!

At times, an earnest thought does cross the mind. We are merely living in an age that belongs to Netflix. Fast, consumable, palatable flicks that are high on entertainment and almost always ensure that there is something of everyone’s keen interest is the central mantra of Netflix. So as among the hottest months of all time arrives in June and is well on its way to bake us left, right, and centre- which are the June 2018 movies on Netflix that you simply cannot avoid?

Assassination Games

Among the more popular action movie vehicles that ensured an interesting melange of back-breaking action footage with drama, Assassination Games may have released back in 2011- but then, it enjoyed only a Direct-To-Video release. Thus, there stood the risk of it being missed by the keen eye of pure action-movie buffs. But why fear, when Netflix is nere?

Now, in its latest addition among the 80 movies that are added every month to it’s movie-repository, Netflix is giving you the chance to savour Assassination Games. And, need it be told who is in it?

Mirror-mirror on the wall, who is the finest action movie star of them all? Well, it says- “Jean Claude Van Damme” after all! Go ahead, get your dosage of Van-dammage.

Just Friends

Usually, girls love Ryan Renolds for his romantic and charming turnouts in movies where he perfectly makes the girls grow weak in their knees. This time around, in Just Friends, Ryan Reynolds, was so much fun and purely lol-material from one of the most under-appreciated movies from 2005. That your entertainment taste-buds wouldn’t forgo this opportunity to savour Ryan Reynolds, Netflix has brought him closer to your screen. Go, cringe!

Thor: Ragnarok

In a world requiring macho men to be steel-bods, seemingly straight out of a 4-hour back-breaking regimen from a mechanical symposium, it pays to be Chris Hemsworth, among the men who’ve truly personified the meaning of the term ‘hunk’. There was little surprise that he would make such a fantastic Thor, among the more famous action movie franchises in a long time.

If you are a sucker for Thor and that great hammer, you cannot possibly miss out on one of Netflix’s most fantastic new additions for the month of June, 2018: Thor Ragnarok. Among the most liked (and third in the series of) Marvel’s standalone superhero movies, Thor’s impact thanks to a ‘beefcake, evil force annihilator’ saw Chris Hemsworth being at his very best- unrelenting and overawing.


That’s quite a strange name for a film and that too one of the Netflix ones, right? But since when have movies been so simple with convenient enough titles as to be telling viewers what to expect and what not to?

In Tau, one of the finest cinematic combinations of actors of a fantastic pedigree in Gary Oldman and Maika Monroe, the viewer is taken on a heart-stopping ride to unravel the life, journey and mystery of a girl who’s been kidnapped by a severe Artificial Intelligence program- out of nowhere!

Care to solve the immensely gripping puzzle on Netflix?

In Bruges

It could be said, that one can, this being June, be amidst a tonnage of interesting viewing material from some of the finest story-tellers and story makers around the world. In, In-Bruges, Colin Farrell delivered what is considered to be among the finest films around. A performance that has often been described as cerebral- Farrell is both lethal and rejuvenating, marvellous and mired in an intensity of emotion.

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