Taylor Swift 2016 Grammy Speech Is Now A Girl-Power Advertisement

Taylor Swift has been a role model for many young girls, for she has time and again broken the laws and came out as one of the most successful pop artists in the recent times. She has been vocal about her love interests and her heartbreaks too, which had helped her in connecting with her fans in the most authentic way possible.

Her last album, 1989, gathered massive appreciation from the listeners as well as the awards shows. She was seen receiving almost every award in every award show, however, her Grammy Album of the Year Speech was something that stood out and went viral. In her speech, she gave a message to young girls that there would be people who would try to take credit for their success, which was indirectly pointing to Kanye West and his then recent single “Famous”. In ‘Famous’ Kanye stated that he was the reason behind Taylor’s success because of their 2009 VMA incident.

Taylor’s empowering speech has now been used as the commercial for Grammy 2017 where young girls are seen reciting Taylor’s speech while engaging in their musical interests. The commercial has been named “It Was You”.

Watch the Commercial Here:

(Video Courtesy: Recording Academy / GRAMMYs)

The advertisement would instantly give you goosebumps and is definitely an empowering piece for young girls all around the world.

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1 Feb 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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