There’s nothing more interesting than a mashup of Game Of Thrones and Taylor Swift, and this video will prove it to you.

Taylor Swift is known to be the queen of Revenge and everyone will absolutely agree with me on this. There’s a specific way in which she absolutely sabotages all the people that she hates, with one video at a time. In short, there’s no one who does revenge as best as Taylor Swift, apart from the characters in Game Of Thrones.

There’s a tough call to choose the absolute winner between these two, which is why anything that involves both of these, is a treat to the eyes and hymn for the ears.

And, one really talented man on YouTube decided to do the same. He edited together small snippets from Game Of Thrones character, in order to make them sing Taylor Swift’s recent chart smashing number, ‘Look What You Made Me Do’.

From Jon Snow to Little Finger to Cersei to Arya, everyone can be seen singing the recent revenge number and it’s nothing short of being truly amazing.

Watch The Video Here:

( source: Matthijs Vlot )

Told you, right? This is a treat for every Game of Thrones and Taylor Swift fan out there.

11th September 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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