If America has a sweetheart, then probably, after Tom Hanks it’s Meg Ryan. The two have done a remarkable number of films together, from which one fondly remembers flicks like You’ve Got Mail, Joe Versus the Volcano and, Volunteers.

Recently, there was a lot of talks circulating Tom Hanks’ new book, the first of its kind collection of short stories. Tom Hanks, is, of course, known for his penchant for collecting different kinds of typewriters.

It was about time that the famous Philadelphia and Forrest Gump actor put down his thoughts into a book, straight from his gut. But at the same time, one wondered about Meg Ryan.

One wondered where had the famous French Kiss movie-star been and what had she been up to? In between the several rounds of speculation about Meg’s whereabouts, there was also a famous rumour that gained feet. They said, Meg,1 quit acting altogether and was no longer a part of Hollywood.

Interestingly, right when everyone was wondering about where Meg had been, in comes the vital proof of her being around here. So rumour-mongers, you need not spread half-hearted or lame fallacies regarding the fate of the American actress, one who is everyone’s sweetheart. She’s very much here and doing pretty well, truth be told.

Meg Rya
Daily Mail

While fans who grew up on a feast of massively entertaining movies of the 1990s, such as French Kiss, When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail may have wondered as to why had Meg Ryan not been around, it appears that the movie-star is just deliberately laying low and been enjoying the marital bliss.

Last Friday night, she turned up at the famous Leopard Club Award ceremony in Locarno, Switzerland, and proved everyone wrong that she had completely vanished from the scene. Well, there’s nothing serious to wonder about Meg Ryan actually.

Daily Mail, a famous UK-based tabloid and celeb- journal reported that Meg Ryan was even honoured for her cinematic achievements at the Switzerland-held ceremony.

Looking absolutely plum and her usual cheerful self, it actually seemed that Meg hadn’t vanished anywhere and was, in fact, very much here only.

The stylish star wore a simple black midi dress with spaghetti straps to the prestigious event, putting on an animated display with her award.

While in the past, there had also been speculation about Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s marriage, the former apparently addicted to cocaine in the past, the actor has come out and expressed his profound love for his wife, stating that amongst the most successful things of his life is the beautiful relationship he shared with her.

In fact, for quite some time now, one had been wondering about Dennis Quaid as well, an actor best noted and hailed for movies such as A Dog’s Purpose, The Day After Tomorrow, Jaws-3D.

He was quoted recently to have stated the following: ‘I have to admit it, I did feel like I disappeared. I didn’t think I was that small, but I was.’

But back to the centre of attraction at the award ceremony, it was none other than Meg, of course, who sported her flowing golden locks and loose waves that brushed her shoulders as the 56-year-old actor essayed her quintessential bright smile.

Everyone who had been curious as to what was the actress up to, in the recent times during her period away from movies found an answer. It appears that the famous Sleepless in Seattle star keeps herself busy by taking out an entire stable of horses to the field for a daily grazing regimen, that she doesn’t abstain from at any cost.

In her candid interaction with the media in attendance, she shared some rather interesting thoughts.

Meg Ryan was quoted as saying, ‘We’ll take pictures of like the crossword puzzle, the computer, the cup of coffee, the drawings, the thing, and all the ways that you’re in that part of your brain that imagines your day or your life and giving it actual time and space in the morning.’

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