Do not confuse this one. Let’s get this straight. Keanu Reeves isn’t in Wolverine just like Hugh Jackman has got nothing to do with the Matrix or John Wick series. These aren’t even remotely possible, or is that really so?

Confused? At least, a little bit?

Now, let’s suppose, both actors would have had a role reversal of sorts, then how would that sight have been?

Just how would have Keanu looked as the superhumanly Wolverine, spurred by the incessant rush of animatic energy? On the other hand, would what kind of a John Wick would Hugh Jackman have played?

Amid these questions, what’s rather interesting is the latest Hollywood box office confession that the famous Canadian actor has made in lines with Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine role.

So, having said that, do you have a clue?

Anyways, let’s dispense with needless guesswork and tell it the way it is.

In a recent media interaction, the famous Canadian actor, the man behind a truly iconic name, one that’s arguably that’s alluring today as it was when the release of ‘Speed’ made every one quiver with enthusiasm (about the man behind it)- confessed that once (and if at all) Hugh Jackman readies to hang his Wolverine boots, he’d love to take it from there and continue the film’s legacy.

Now, having said that, one wonders, if Keanu Reeves has triggered arguably one of the most interesting discussions about a movie role ever?

Keanu Reeves
Daily Mail

So has he?

Keanu, being the classy and candid person he is maintained with a certain childlike enthusiasm that he’d ‘love’ to play the legendary Marvel character- Wolverine- whenever Hugh Jackman decides to throw in the towel.

But the question is, will Hugh actually do so?

Is there actually going to be a day where Hugh Jackman finally bows out of what has arguably been, his greatest part till date?

A slew of questions continue and unstoppably so.

While one doesn’t quite have an answer for that, what one does have, in fact, is an answer that perhaps if there actually were another actor who would’ve been tasked to play the iconic ‘Wolverine’, then it may just only be Keanu.

Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, has pushed the limits of both physical and mental energies to make Wolverine the part that it really is: undeniably pivotal and so very exhausting.

2017’s Logan, as a matter of fact, was the last in the series for Hugh Jackman where the famous Wolverine role was concerned.

But having said that, probably here’s what we ought to know; something that most may not be aware of.

Even before the iconic Marvel character was brought to life by the virtuosity of Hugh Jackman- who took a rather challenging part to a great new level- it had been offered to Keanu Reeves, the famous ‘Matrix’ star.

Having said that, can Keanu now play the part and carry forward the great legacy that Jackman helped establish?

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