He was the first and, for many, the best James Bond. The grief for Sean Connery is correspondingly great. His most famous company car, however, is evidently immortal and bravely drives on along with almost all gadgets from the special department of Q. Now, The most beautiful Bond car is back. Let’s take a quick look into the James Bond Cars collection and find out more about the most loved bond car that is back.

Sean Connery Aston Martin DB5 | James Bond Cars

Lotus, BMW, Toyota, James Bond even drove a duck in his career. But no car is so closely linked to the world’s most famous secret agent as the silver Aston Martin DB5, with which Sean Connery first raced across the screen in 1964 in the movie ‘Goldfinger’.

The recently deceased actor was not only the first but also, for many, the best 007 actors. But the Scot does not only live on in the endless repetitions of his seven Bond films as every time a DB5 appears somewhere, you have his image in front of your eyes of how he takes down Auric Goldfinger or other villains.

New Edition For The Cinema Release – James Bond Cars

Parallel to the repeatedly postponed start of the 25th Bond adventure ‘No Time to Die’, in which Daniel Craig will, of course, be back behind the wheel of the DB5, Aston Martin has reissued the original from ‘Goldfinger’, 25 copies of the so-called Continuation-Series are completely built by hand within 4500 hours. 

Daniel Craig | Agent 007 James Bond Cars
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At first glance, this DB5 looks exactly like the production model that debuted in 1963. And it drives the same because the British didn’t even try to modernize the technology. They scanned the engine in the computer tomograph for lack of original construction plans and then recreated it in great detail, behind the iconic radiator grille is the same four-liter in-line six-cylinder as before.

A Fast Speedster With A Life Of Its Own – James Bond Cars

As in the past, there is a five-speed transmission from ZF as well as a chassis and steering that lead a challenging life of their own. And even if the DB5, as a luxury liner among the top performers, had electric windows, you won’t find any electronic or at least electric helpers. You steer with muscle power alone and brake without technical or electronic support.

Aston Martin DB5
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Approach it cautiously and defend yourself against the temptation of performance, which is unmistakable in this car. After all, the 4.0-liter engine produces 286 hp and its 390 Newton meters have an easy time with the coupé’s less than 1500 kilograms. There is no doubt that the sprint from 0 to 100 could be achieved in 7.1 seconds, and that at full throttle at that time, 229km/hr was possible.

The longer you drive the brand-new classic car and the greater the level of trust, the further you let your gaze wander, give in to curiosity and peer under flaps and consoles. At the latest then you will see that this DB5 is not just any replica, rather, the original Bond car.

All Bond Gadgets Included

A radar screen appears behind a blind in the center console and shows the current position. There’s a car phone at the door. And under the armrest, you can see the switch strip with which Bond was able to turn the Coupe into a battle vehicle. At the push of a button, battering rams extend from the bumpers, a protective shield made of bullet-proof steel slides behind the rear window, the changing license plates make tracking difficult.

Most unforgettable James Bond Cars
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And if somebody sticks to his heels, the Aston will unceremoniously fog him up, while in front, it shoots his way clear with two deceptively real machine guns with plenty of sound and light.

The British only deliberately deviated from the script by Ian Fleming and the building instructions for Weapons Master Q at two points. Despite the corresponding roof cutout and the trigger in the gear knob, the ejection seat is just a dummy. And instead of laying an oil slick on the asphalt, the replica throws possible pursuers with soapy water into a skid as James Bond, too, is now apparently thinking about the environment.

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A Great Toy Car For Rich Fans

The Continuation Car with all the gimmicks passes as a real Bond car. But the British have to pass one detail. Despite or perhaps because of the three license plates, the classic is not street legal. That even completely stamps it as a toy for big boys with deep pockets and one of the most expensive toy cars in the world. After all, the British are calling for almost four million euros.

James Bond Car Name
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It is a proud sum but there is no cheaper way to get a Bond car. Conventional DB5 would be traded for significantly less money but when one of the originals from Goldfinger’s production was auctioned for the last time, the hammer fell when it was more than double.

But there is also something good about the high price, if you pay that much money, that Bond’s quartermaster Q won’t say what he kept saying to Bond ‘Bring it back intact for once when you return from the field’.

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