Some actors seem more dapper and suave when they age. It’s like a classic glass of old wine. It gets better with time. Perhaps, it may not be entirely wrong to suggest that Hugh Grant is exactly like that. There’s something about his mannerisms and sheer persona that attracts as much as it breaks one into an endearing smile.

Not a guy concerned with the size of wealth he’s appropriated into his bank account. Not a guy who’s bothered with who did what to whom. Hugh Grant, it ought to be said, unapologetically, his own man!

What’s more? He’s one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. His movies have gone on to become major box office hits, and have inspired both genders unabashedly to fall into love.

Perhaps, that may be the only reason why the famous actor behind the striking dimpled smile has gone onto continuously starring in movies where his heart-over-head romantic personality has lifted the fates of many one-dimensional romcoms. Take Music and Lyrics and Did You Hear About The Morgans for example.

Now for someone who can make even the legendary Meryl Streep blush and make Drew Barrymore go weak in her knees, isn’t it a bit surprising that Grant doesn’t like social media. In fact, at this point in time if you were to go to Twitter and check what issue has the famous Briton tweeted about or humored the public with, then it may surprise you that his last tweet would be somewhere around half a decade back.

Among the noted A-listers from Hollywood known to be at some distance from social media, Hugh Grant recently opened up on why he dislikes social media.

Hugh Grant

So what is the matter, after all, Hugh?

In his recent interaction with the noted fashion and lifestyle journal Variety, Grant began with a classic one-liner; arresting, sensible, and so very Hugh Grant:

It’s particularly terrifying, the triumph of technology over democracy.

Sensing some foulplay in the way social media- apparently- goes on to manipulate things, the Four Weddings and a Funeral star didn’t seem too gung-ho about the fact that the famous medium known for virality can shrink and outgrow public personas and cults.

He would further go on to add, “you realize, Trump couldn’t have happened without Facebook manipulation, and Brexit couldn’t have happened without it. It’s all the ability now, people with enough money and resources, to manipulate swing voters through very highly tailored Facebook ads.”

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