The much awaited season of popular series “Game Of Thrones” is about to start and the trailer of its 6th season has been launched. From the look of the trailer you can say that, everyone is looking in crisis. The lethal game is going to be wicked this time. All the heroes of “Game Of Thrones 6” are looking in worse shape.

You can see Jon Snow dead but there is a hint of his resurrection. The Dragon Queen Khaleesi looks poorer than ever as she walks barefoot among thousands of her soldiers wearing a dragon necklace. You will see Cersei in her newly shorn hair avatar where she seems furious for what all has happened to her and she shout out clear ‘ I Choose Violence’.

Watch The Trailer Of “Games Of Thrones” Season 6 Here:

(Video Courtesy: Game Of Thrones)

No matter how many mystery and stories, the upcoming season of Games of Thrones holds but the words of Tyrion Lannister will leave you to wonder what it is all about. Lannister:”[We’re] in the great game, now… and the great game is terrifying.

The trailer has enough curiosity quotients to lure the fans and make them eagerly wait for the season. The series will be airing on HBO from 24 April 2016.

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9 March, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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