“Doctor Strange”, the first teaser of the upcoming movie from Marvel’s world has arrived and it is absolutely mind-expanding. Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the role of Dr. Stephen Strange and he is the next Sorcerer Supreme. “Doctor Strange” teaser looks dark and twisted as it has the entire kaleidoscopic worlds we have already seen in Marvel’s movie world. The trailer is so mystic and beautiful that it will twist your mind.

The Benedict Cumberbatch who is a neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange meets with an accident and he goes on a quest to find a way to repair his crippled hands. On the quest, he finds out that he is on a mystical journey where he masters the spiritual arts. Doctor Strange is going to be all about magic and multi-dimensions beings. Benedict seems to appear more than one place at the same time on a different timeline. Hard to imagine isn’t it? But then the trailer suggests “FORGET EVERYTHING THAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW.

Watch The Teaser Of “Doctor Strange” Here:

(Video Courtesy: Marvel Entertainment)

As the Marvel universe is marching towards the “Avengers: Infinity War”, introducing Doctor Strange could be a game changing part here, as he is the most powerful being of Marvel universe. The character was originally established in the story in 1963 and bringing him now live on screen would be the greatest move. “Doctor Strange” is directed by Scott Derrickson and the movie will hit the theaters on 4th November 2016.

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13 April, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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