Coldplay’s songs are meant to touch your heart and soul and with their new album, they have created another reality which has a good thought behind it but unfortunately it is complexed and boring.

This album is speculated to be the last and farewell album of Coldplay and we expected it to be more than a preachy one. The latest song Up and Up from the album A Head Full of Dreams is released and you will find the echoes of confusing humanity in it. The song and its projection got lost in the middle of somewhere as the music arrangement and the video does not complement each other on the equal level.

Watch The Video Of Up and Up Here:

(Video Courtesy: Coldplay Official)

There is nothing magical about the song except they have infused the video with magical situations where everyone is everywhere. In the water, through space, following the wind, animals, nature humans all are highly mixed at a beyond the imagination level of optimism. Other than video, Up and Up is an energetic track and the lyrics will soothe your ears. The entire album is supposed to be wild and thumping yet it sounds like a song from 1970’s.  The lyrics are intense but this song is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

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17 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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