5 Hollywood Movies Whose Plot Were Stolen From Anime!

5 Hollywood Movies Whose Plot Were Lifted From Animated Movies.

Bollywood is known for lifting its plot from Hollywood movies and we cannot deny the fact that many Indian directors take inspiration from foreign movies, in fact in recent times we have seen official Bollywood remakes of a few Hollywood blockbusters. But it’s not only Bollywood which looks for inspiration somewhere outside the fraternity, Hollywood too takes inspiration and in some cases, they have lifted the whole plot.

We all know that Japanese anime and manga are known for their unusual concepts and storylines and Hollywood has been taking a lot of ideas from there. But here are 5 Hollywood movies which were completely stolen from anime/manga, the resemblance of these movies are so uncanny that you can easily mistake them for a remake.

1. Ghost In The Shell – The Matrix.

The Matrix is a famous anime from the 90s. It has garnered a lot of praise in sci-fi movie circle. The movie was so influential that when Ghost In The Shell was made, the action sequences were directed as they were in the original Anime. They were ripped frame by frame.
image source: makia.la
image source: makia.la

2. Black Swan – Perfect Blue

When Black Swan was released it got a huge appreciation but not many people knew that the idea and whole story was lifted from an animated movie, Perfect blue which was a cult in Japanese entertainment industry. The Hollywood version of the movie left people completely speechless but it wasn’t the original story.
image source: projectfandom.com

3. The Lion King – Kimba The White Lion

Don’t we all love the famous Hollywood animated movie “Lion King”? Well sadly, the movie was completely ripped off from a not too famous Japanese anime movie. If you don’t believe us, check out the images below.
image source: blogspot.com

4. Pacific Rim – Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Japanese movie industry has always been a step ahead in sci-fi fiction and if you think that Pacific Rim was the original concept then we hate to break your bubble. It was lifted from Japanese sci-fi fiction Neon Genesis Evangelion.
image source: bloodyfilm.com

5. Inception – Paprika

Doubting Christopher Nolan may seem impossible but the truth is that there were a lot of scenes that were lifted from Anime movie Paprika which was actually released in 2006. It may break your heart but Christopher Nolan too stole the concept to make his cult Inception.
image source: rirca.es
image source: rirca.es

You might be thinking that what is wrong with Hollywood or Why can’t they come up with original content of their own but, this is how it works. Every idea is inspired by something or another. If you think that there are people in your circle who will be amazed to know about these movies then share this article with them or if you have a name or more to add to this list then tell us in the comment box below.

28 July 2017
Avni S. Singh