When you’re a celebrity, everything you say is scrutinised and dissected in every single way, all in order to turn it into a controversy. And when you’re someone who has been presented to the business all thanks to the wonderful nepotism, chances of you having an ego and a larger-than-life perception about yourself, are way too high.

The same happened again with Harshvardhan Kapoor who while being interviewed by Quartz decided to take the entire conversation in a different lane.

In the light of his second and recent release – Bhavesh Joshi superhero -Harshvardhan Kapoor was asked whether or not he takes some advice from his sisters Sonam and Rhea Kapoor. Mind you, both Rhea and Sonam have been in business for far too long to know how the industry and film business works, which is why the question was first put out.

Answering the question, Harshvardhan said, “Sonam is in her own world, and she’s done all kinds of films. But I also think it’s easier sometimes for a heroine to fit in a lot of films…for example, a Padman is not driven by her, right? So she doesn’t have to be there for a 100 days. Heroines can be more free. For me now, the whole film will hinge on my shoulders…So, I don’t really take advice from her. Rhea’s a producer. She has more marketing feedback as opposed to creative feedback with script and stuff. Our films (Bhavesh Joshi and Veere di Wedding) are releasing on the same day, so she’s too busy and she couldn’t help us.”

People soon got hold on the interview and spotted the obvious sexism in the interview, and they did what social media has eventually been made for, they called the actor out on his views. Here are some reactions to the particular statement. Various people came forward and said that both the sisters know enough about the movie business and they have previously made and been part of projects in which actresses were the main characters.

The entire thing became too big of a conversation for the actor to get hold of it. And, he decided to clarify what he meant to say and how his words were twisted for the interview. Here’s what he said on the whole thing.

Now, we don’t know whom to trust in here, what about you?

Jyotsna Amla

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