Sunny Leone is full of surprises and this one is definitely a hilarious one. Apparently, Sunny, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal teamed up for a short film “11 Minutes” and they made a hell of an entertaining one.

Can you even imagine sharing the so called ‘sanskari’ Alok Nath sharing screen space with Sunny Leone? Well, it is definitely a twisted amusing combination with a pinch of Deepak Dobriyal’s hilarious comic display.

No, we won’t tell you what this short film is about. It will ruin the fun of watching it but you can be sure that this trio is worth watching. Made by “Aur Dikhao” channel, this film delivers a smoking hot message but as we said you have to find out about it on your own. Warning: Hold something strong while watching so that you don’t fall off laughing hard. Wink!

Watch The Short Film “11 Minutes” Here:

Interesting isn’t it. It is a brilliant idea to lure the audience to watch a campaign like this. Well, kudos to the creative team of “Aur Dikhao”. They made this trio work together and make out the best out of it.

24 Feb 2015
Avni S. Singh

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