A new teaser from upcoming movie Sultan has been launched featuring Anushka Sharma in it. The teaser looks inspiring and makes unbearable to wait for this movie to come out as we will see Bollywood actress Anushka as a wrestler along with Salman Khan. The expression and her projection on screen looks mind blowing but another Ad from yesterday’s time is running on internet and it seems like the makers have taken some inspiration from that ad.

Apparently this ad was made by JSW Steel on Geeta Phogat who was the first ever female Indian wrestler to grab a gold in women’s wrestling in Commonwealth games. The ad looks very similar to the newly released trailer from Sultan and internet is going crazy about it. However the voice over is entirely different where in the ad the voice over is demoralising the spirit of being women, in Sultan’s teaser a voiceover in Salman Khan’s voice is appreciating and inspiring.

Watch The Ad Here:

(Video Courtesy: JSW Group)

The character and the treatment of Anushka’s character Aarfa look really similar to Geeta. The visuals too look like a carbon copy of the Ad.

See AARFA Look In Sultan Teaser:

(Video Courtesy: YRF)

This ad was released last year by JSw group that showcased Geeta’s life and now you decide whether it is totally similar to the teaser of Sultan or not.

03 May, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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