“Kaagaz”: A Narration By Sonu Nigam Tell How Demonetization Will Bring A Better Tomorrow.

After a thrilling short film ‘Raakh’, director Milap Zaveri has taken a dig on Demonetization and we are not really convinced. The maker has made a 3-minute short narrative film ‘Kaagaz’ with the soft voiceover of Sonu Nigam featuring Sonu in the video as well. The narrative may sound convincing but the video actually looks like an interior design ad with all the exposed light and pastel colours.

In “Kaagaz” Sonu narrates how important paper is and while people are thinking that note ban has changed their lives upside down, it might be a new step for better India. It seems like the makers are making a prophecy without even giving us right pro and cons and where most of Indians are already supporting this decision (though everyone is going through a huge pain) “Kaagaz” seems another celebrity attempt to grab attention when in reality they have not faced any problem and yet telling people to wait while the hard time passes.

“Kaagaz”: Watch The Short Film Here:

(Video Courtesy: Zhoossh)

With all the emotional script and fatal attempt, “Kaagaz” for sure didn’t make any cut. Of course, the fate of country is changing and we know every good thing comes with a cost but is it really a good thing for India or not is yet to revealed, so how can such celebrities who didn’t even suffering as much as a common man can profess that it’s gonna make our country better.

Too Much Drama But Where Are The Facts?

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17 November 2016
Avni S. Singh

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