Akshay Kumar is winning hearts with his recent movies and his fans can not wait to see his next movie Rustom but what if we show you something that will make you roll on the floor or burst your nerves with  laugh? Not getting any of it? Well, we have a video of Akshay Kumar’s yesteryears work that will make your head go round.

Official PeeingHuman did a brilliant swap when he took Akshay Kumar‘s performance from his movie Suhaag and mixed it with Uptown Funk mash up. He is bathing and dancing in a blue underwear which looks more like a thong and that is exactly the kind of thing that will give your laughing muscle a good routine on this morning. Just watch it at your own risk, you may not die but you will definitely fall laughing.


Watch The Akshay Kumar Uptown Funk Mashup:

( Video Courtesy: Official PeeingHuman )

Ewwww! His hairy chest and legs. Right? But you can’t deny that you had a good laugh and we did warn you. Didn’t we?

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20 July, 2016
Avni S. Singh

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