As women, we have always been told to hush about our periods and not generally mention it among your male friends and family members. We have been told to wrap our sanitary napkins with a ton of paper to protect our much-guarded secret.

Somehow the entire thing changes for women living and bleeding in rural parts of the country. Pads are not even used by more than 60% of bleeding women in our country. Rather than pads, these women are using rags, wood shavings and what not to secure the blood they shed every month. Various young girls end up dropping from school because of how unpopular the thought of a bleeding woman in public is, along with costly ways to keep them intact.

Akshay Kumar’s PadMan aims at this very instance and tells the real-life story of a man who started a sanitary napkin revolution in the country, particularly the rural parts of the country.

Now, in one of the major promotional activities, Akshay Kumar has joined hands with Aranya Johar (a popular face in India’s poetry circuit) to recite the beautiful verses of #BleedingRani. The duo talks about all the things that a woman has to face, just because she goes through something natural to human bodies, every month.

Bleeding Rani: Watch The Video Over Here:

source: Peeping Moon

It’s high time that we acknowledge the fact that women bleed every month and this is the sole reason for human existence. Mensuration is natural, human birth is natural and something like this should never really come in between a woman’s dreams and her hopes.

Jyotsna Amla

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