7 Bollywood Suspense Movies That Should Be On Your Must Watch List!

Bollywood is popular for its all-masala movies but in recent times we have seen some remarkable changes in the scripts. The directors from Bollywood are becoming keen to focus towards unconventional cinema. While serious social subjects and commercial cinema is picking pace in Bollywood one category which still needs focus is Suspense. Suspense is one of the most overlooked categories in Bollywood, it may be because the director couldn’t find a perfect script or the fact that Indian audience prefers masala over such mind-scratching movies.

But it isn’t that Bollywood never made Suspense movies ever, in fact, there are a couple of movies that can be considered as one of the finest suspense movies ever made in Bollywood. So if you are a movie junkie who absolutely loves Hindi cinema as well as suspense then here are 7 Bollywood Suspense Movies that should be on your must watch list.

1. Kahaani

Vidya Balan’s character will leave you scratching your head till the end and believe me you will be shocked at the end.

2. Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!

Sushant Singh Rajput made Rajit Kapur proud of the legacy he left as this movie is full of moments that will give many kicks to your adrenaline.

3. Talaash

The most unexpected supernatural twist ever. The end will make your mind swirl as you will be recalling every shot you saw in the movie.

4. Gumnaam

If you have never heard of the movie before then recall the tune of the song ” Gumnaam Hai Koi”. The song itself will instigate the feel to watch this classic. The movie is based on the famous novel “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie.

5. Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Hate Bobby Deol all you want for playing the music of the movie in a disc after he became a DJ (That Was Hoax By The Way) but the truth is that it is actually a cult Thriller. Kajol’s character is absolutely mind blowing.

6. Kaun

Urmila Matondkar in her time played many unexpected and unconventional roles. Kaun was one of her finest performances. Manoj Bajpayee made it more stellar.

7. Khoj

Imagine a person of your house is missing and after some time another person comes in and claims to be the same person but has a totally different face….on the top of that… the person knows everything about you, your house and everything related to the missing person. It’s almost like a person with a different face but same mind. Mindfuck yet… well watch it then. 

So if you have nothing to do in this coming weekend then forget everything and watch these movies. Let us know which one has the most unexpected twists in the comment box below.