These are some of the best Indian movies, as per the critics, that you can watch on YouTube this weekend.

There are some films that work wonders in the box office and then there are some that work wonders on critics and their audience. These kind of films are considered and called critically acclaimed as often the mass public fails to understand them or spend their money on them. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not good.

India has had some of the most amazing movies from its indie makers and genres that touched some of the most sensitive topics, something that has been missing from Bollywood for the longest time. For how long would we have to settle for the same old story of a guy and a girl falling in love?

There’s so much more to India than simply making their best looking actors, sing and dance. We can also make them act on fine story lines that will include some good makers too.

However, if you’ve missed out on these great and critically acclaimed Indian movies, in the theatre, you can catch them, this weekend. And, that’s not through Torrents, but on YouTube. Yes, our beloved YouTube has some of the finest films from Indian cinema and you can check them out, this weekend.

1. Monsoon Weekend (2001)
Director – Mira Nair

source: Shrestha Bhaduri

2. Dor (2006)
Director – Nagesh Kukunoor

source: Bolly Kick – Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movie

3. I Am Kalam (2010)
Director – Nila Madhab Panda

source: Douglas Walker

4. AMU (2005)
Director – Shonali Bose

source: baggi Singh

5. Being Cyrus (2005)
Director – Homi Adajania

source: Being Fortunate

6. Dasvidaniya (2008)
Director – Shashant Shah

source: Junglee Film Club

7. In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones (1989)
Director – Pradip Krishen

source: Rohit Jain

8. Parzania (2005)
Director – Rahul Dholakia

source: Asad Zeeshan

9. Superman Of Malegaon (2008)
Director – Faiza Ahmed Khan

source: Junglee Film Club

10. Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women (2003)
Director – Manish Jha

source: kaushal gupta

Now, you know what to do this weekend.

28th July 2017
Jyotsna Amla