Don’t you think Hindi Cinema industry is an ocean of art where sometimes even the best get unnoticed simply owing to the fact that no one really advertises them? There are many Indian Films who are critically acclaimed and won awards yet are not in knowledge of masses.

These movies are made on the hard-hitting subjects of our daily lives and as much as we love commercial cinema, we can’t deny that these award-winning movies are more relatable than ever. They are stunning work of cinema where directors have put their impeccable imagination and projected life at it’s best. They may not star a popular actor, but they do have characters that will be imprinted on your mind. It’s a shame that they do not get their right place and remain unknown to the majority of the audience.

If you are a movie buff who is not only into the glamour, vulturous songs, and are attracted to cinema that makes your mind boggle and leaves you awestruck, here we have a list of such award-winning Indian movies that might entirely change your perception about Indian Film industry.

1. Ugly

A movie that revolves around the abduction of the daughter of an aspiring actor. The movie will keep you hooked and might leave you a little shaken. It was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and grabbed 9 international awards and nominations.

2. Court

This movie is an eye-opener. The movie talks about the legal system of India. It’s a brilliant piece of art which was premiered at the Venice International Film Festival. It has 19 international awards to its name.

3. Mr. And Mrs. Iyer

The communal differences are portrayed at their best in this movie. It’s thought-provoking, emotional and possibly the best projection of differences between the communities of India. It has won 5 International awards and 3 National Awards.

4. Firaaq

This political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in one month after the 2003 Gujarat riots, this movie allows you experience the terrifying consequences of the violence. It has won 2 awards at the Asian Festival Of First Films, an award at the Kara Film Festival in Pakistan and 2 national awards.

5. Matrubhoomi: A Nation Without Women

Based on the heart wrenching reality of gender imbalance in Indian society, this movie is actually a wake-up call. It talks about a country where a girl never survives and the scary reality will put you lower your gaze in shame. The movie was premiered at Venice Film Festival and The Critic’s Week. It has 7 International awards to its name.

6. Parched

The social media helped it to gain more audience and made it one of the most powerful Indian films. Set in a village in Rajasthan, the movie talks about the struggles and liberation of women. It was presented at the Toronto Film Festival.

7. Titli

A youngster who is desperately trying to escape his family business but end up doing the same. The movie talks about the manier perspective of life. The movie bagged multiple awards in New York, Spain, Brazil, and Paris among others.

Weekend is around the corner and what could be better than binge-watching these thought-provoking movies?

Avni S. Singh

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