We have often observed that when the fire brigade or ambulance blow their sirens, several dogs in the neighborhood suddenly start howling. Does the sound hurt their ears or do they feel scared? Why do dogs howl with sirens? Let’s find out.

Whether ambulance or alarm siren, for many dogs these noises are obviously a reason to join a concert. They howl as if the four-legged friend has become a wolf again. But why is it like that? It can often be ruled out that the noise hurts the dog’s ears. After all, they would rather hide themselves in quieter areas than yelp along on the balcony or at the window.

Dogs Howl
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Rather, yowling is something positive for the animals and embedded deep inside our four-legged friend. Dogs howl along at certain frequencies, this is what is known as contact howling. These frequencies are not only generated by sirens, but also by instruments. Whether trumpet, trombone, or piano, even when making music, the dog can join in.

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Show Of Power And Solidarity

Often the howling is provoked by frequencies that a siren or an instrument emits, but they are inaudible to humans. Dogs hearing is a lot more sensitive compared to humans. Sometimes they react to noises that we don’t even notice, for example in the ultrasound range.

Power And Solidarity Of Dogs
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Howling has various functions that originate from its wild relative, the wolf. Even if there is not a lot of information about it, there are a few reliable findings about this phenomenon. One thing is certain that our four-legged friends are indeed very social beings. The common howling apparently strengthens the cohesion and social connections. Whoever participates belongs to the group. In the wild, howling together can also be a warning to other packs, so there is no doubt about who is in charge.

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No dog howls like the other. Research into wolves has shown that both individuals and packs have different howling patterns, with frequencies varying from 150 to 1000 Hertz. 

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