Polar animals are one of the most endangered animals in our ecosystem today and it’s largely because of the life-threatening climate change issues that our world is facing. However, they’re also one of the most adorable creatures on this planet. They live in some of the coldest and remotest areas, which keep them safe from another threat and that is, Humans.

Paul Nicklen is a photojournalist, marine biologist, founder of SeaLegacy and National Geographic Magazine contributor. He is known for his love for Polar Animals and beautifully capturing them in their natural habitat. According to Outdoor Photography Magazine, he is one of the most influential photographers of our time with an unconditional love for arctic animals.

Here are some of his photographs that aptly justify his title:


During the 24 hour sunlight of an austral spring, long shadows from emperor penguins are cast across the sea ice at 1AM. #light #naturelovers #nature #tbt #instagood #instagramhub #photooftheday #picoftheday #emperorpenguins #penguins

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@Gods_Pocket_Resort on the #BC coast never ceases to amaze me. Some say that it is the best cold water diving in the world. I say that it is the best diving in the world, period. The only way I can describe it is life stacked upon life, stacked upon life, stacked upon life. The high speed currents in this area force feed the nutrient rich water down the throats of countless species such as this crimson anemone that is locked in an intricate symbiotic relationship with a candy-striped shrimp. Please #follow @Gods_pocket_resort as we continue to post more from our recent diving expedition for @sea_legacy. With @cristinamittermeier. #nature #naturelovers #diving #dive @seacam @waterproofinternational #lightandmotion #instagood #instagramhub

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In this incredible journey as a wildlife photojournalist there have been countless moments where I have come upon a scene that was so jaw-dropping beautiful that all I could do was stare in awe. Looking out over a sea of 400,000 king penguins, framed by 8000-foot peaks and listening to crashing surf just behind me. This is one such experience. My images do not do justice to scenes like this and I wish I could bring everyone with me to witness such powerful moments in nature. Through @sea_legacy, @cristinamittermeier and I we will be leading donor funded expeditions to many of the most remote and most stunning places on Earth to document the importance of healthy ecosystems and to get people to realize what we stand to lose through our changing planet. #joinus #expeditions #adventure #discovery #climatechangeisreal #antarctica

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Hello Instagram Friends. I have such a great team behind me that allows me to shoot images about important stories. You are part of that team and thank you for your support. Without people like you who care deeply about the issues I photograph there’d be no reason to do it. Thank you! Part of my team is Craft & Vision, publishers of my recent eBook Photographing Wild. They’ve just told me they’re having a big sale and that includes my eBook, so if you missed it the first time, it’s now half-price – only $7.50. Every ebook sold helps keep my @sea_legacy team and I out in nature, on the front lines photographing and filming stories about the biggest issues facing us today. My dream is to have millions of passionate story tellers, out there with their cameras documenting our changing planet. This book will help you make better photographs and tell better stories. It also features some of my favorite conservation and nature photographers of all time. Thank you again for your support! You can find my book at PhotographingWild.com #gratitude #thejourney #ebook #poarbear

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20 December 2016
Jyotsna Amla

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