The term Portofino, as such in essence carries a dual meaning. Ever thought about that? Up first, Portofino is an idyllic village in Italy nestled on the Riviera coastline, located southeast of the city of Genoa. With a mouthful of uber-cool high-end boutiques and seafood restaurants, this touristy destination in Italy is one of a kind.

But that’s just one Portofino that the world knows. The other revolves around one of the finest creations to have emanated from the magical town of Maranello; the very best that the Prancing Horse can offer. The Ferrari Portofino, remains, to this date, one of the most hottest-selling four wheeler in the luxury sports segment.

Launched back in 2018, the Ferrari Portofino is basically a throwback to the idea of falling in love with driving once again, call it a voyage of rediscovery of sorts. A burst of innovative features that make this is a surreal experience, a pursuit of the very privileged, if you’d like to call it that.

But with the brand new Portofino M, Ferrari have gone where they hadn’t previously ventured: adding a host of features to the most powerful convertible to have hit the road from the mothership at Maranello!

But the latest version of the two-door GT spider comes across as a really versatile Ferrari drive. So just how and why is that? What have Ferrari done that makes the Portofino M a one-of-a-kind experience?

For starters, imagine a Ferrari car powered to deliver 620 bhp? Just how often has one seen that? Too many revs on the road, almost Formula 1 like- isn’t it?

 Ferrari Portofino

And just what creates that? Well, an award-winning 3855cc V8 engine. Well, today as most racing drivers at the pinnacle of the motorsport crave to get back V8s, we know what they are missing. But, with the latest head-turner brought out feistily by Ferrari, you can experience that out of the world sight! And you needn’t be a Formula 1 car driver!

Having said that, a host of other features prominently make the Portofino the car you simply cannot maintain distance from. Let’s have a look hereunder.

According to a report published on a leading auto media platform, it’s worthwhile to have a look at the following:

The wraparound front bumpers incorporate the air intakes that lend an aggressive look to the fascia. They also feature a new air vent at whee larch height, added because of the need to reduce the car’s overall drag. The signature Portofino side scallop finds its visual counterpart on the Ferrari Portofino M’s front bumper, which has been sculpted to accentuate the car’s dynamic profile. The grille features new aluminum slats with contrasting faceted tips. At the rear, a new exhaust system, redesigned rear bumpers, redesigned rear diffuser separate to the bumpers underscores the car’s sporty character. The diamond-finish wheel rims were designed specifically for the Portofino M.

Having said that, what will be most interesting is to see how far might the brand new Portofino take a legendary sports car maker in a market saddled by the Covid-19 pandemic in a year where nothing’s quite gone right for any global carmaker.

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As the world wakes up post the huge shakedown brought over rather abruptly by the Coronavirus, can Ferrari’s latest produce ensure the horse is prancing once again?

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