Everyday we get stuck in traffic jams while going to or coming back from the office. The cause cannot be recognized at all. But how to avoid traffic jams?

Traffic Jam In Delhi
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We can understand that it’s not just annoying to be stuck in traffic. If you don’t even get an explanation for the waste of time, we will be left at a loss and frustrated, even if things get moving faster again. After all, every fifth traffic jam has a recognizable cause as a construction site or a lane closure after a traffic accident.

But with around 80 percent of traffic jams, this is more difficult, they are simply caused by congestion. Too many people are in the same place at the same time. However, such a traffic jam does not arise out of anywhere. Rather, the traffic becomes denser at certain points such as driveways and especially on inclines. The same number of vehicles are still driving, but more slowly. In popular parlance, people now speak of ‘slow-moving traffic’.

So far, everything is okay but now it comes to the wrong behavior of individual road users. This includes, in particular, changing from the acceleration lane to the middle or left lane too quickly and the permanent closing of gaps by drivers in a hurry who believe they are faster than the competition. By changing lanes, other drivers are forced to brake.

Usually, because the safety distance is too short, the following has to apply the brakes a little harder than the vehicles ahead. The excessive braking increases from vehicle to vehicle. The result is braking effects that increase towards the rear, and individual cars come to a standstill.

Traffic Jam Solution
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If the approach is delayed by two seconds, a chain reaction quickly occurs, creating wave-like traffic jams that spread backward at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. First, you are stuck in a traffic jam, suddenly the front continues, but as soon as you are happy about the smooth journey again then you have to queue up in the next traffic jam.

So How To Avoid Traffic Jams?

It would make sense to drive in such a way that you can compensate for minor speed adjustments by the vehicle in front without having to brake. Unfortunately, this is not possible in practice, as a car immediately pushes in from the left or right in slightly larger gaps. In addition, many drivers are concerned that if they line up on the right between the trucks in slow-moving traffic, they will not be able to turn left in the acceleration phase.

How To Avoid Traffic Jams
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The ruthlessness is increasing and in their car, people become hunters and gatherers again. In the anonymity of the car, on the road, they let their uncouth nature run free. In a highly uncooperative manner, they basically only think of themselves, their greatest fear is being overtaken by other road users and thus suddenly to be branded as a loser.

Hardly any motorist thinks that their actions on the road can have an enormous effect. But if only one person fails and his car is thwarted, thousands are affected. From the risks to life and limb from accidents not to mention. You can leave at night when going on vacation. Otherwise, if you are stuck in traffic, just hold out. Studies actually show that drivers who do not care about traffic reports, tactical considerations, or the recommendations of the navigation system, but always drive the same route, end up being the fastest.

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Driving off and trudging along country roads, on the other hand, is usually bad advice, apart from the fact that it may be psychologically more satisfying for the driver to keep moving, but precisely because of the increase in navigation systems, the alternative routes always get very full very quickly, since these routes are designed for significantly fewer vehicles.

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