There are numbers- big and small and of all kinds. And then there are what one calls mega numbers. So depending on who you are- must it be asked what kind of a number is 65,000 depending on volume or simply quantum of a single product? Perhaps, it may not be too wrong to consider the very simple fact that 65,000 may be a big number where it comes to mistakes in a book, the same way it can be an onerous task for the climber- to quote another example- who has to undergo the challenge of climbing as many stairs. Think of it- 65,000 stairs to climb.

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Now, in the context of automobile industry, what would you say- isn’t this a mega number, so to speak where it comes to recalling as many cars from the roads only to fix a particular problem?

Actually, not even the least-informed layman can doubt the very fact that this is an enormous number. And believe it or not, where the recent woes of a particular problem stand then this is hardly an easy number to deal with from a Honda point of view.

Recently, according to the market reports and sector-specific news, around as many as 65,000 Honda cars had been called back by the famous car manufacturer from the roads. But the key question is- why?

Just why did such a thing happen, to which one wonders, what might have been the exact level of critical problem that may have led the brand to call for such a big step.

Since at the end of the day, it’s about recalling no fewer than 65,000 cars and that too from the stable of a brand that’s about as liked as it is admired and regarded for its economy and performance.

Isn’t that right? So what are the clear details pertaining to a rather forgettable episode for the legendary Japanese carmaker?

Well, in the words of Autocar (, the following information is key to understanding the current woes of Honda:

Honda Cars India has issued a recall for 65,651 models made in 2018 to preventively replace the fuel pump. The brand has said that the fuel pumps “may contain defective impellers, which could, over time, result in engine stopping or not starting”. 

The models affected by this recall include the Honda Amaze compact sedan, City midsize sedan, Jazz premium hatchback, WR-V cross-hatch, BR-V MPV, Brio hatchback and CR-V SUV. The number of models affected is listed below:

Among the several car models that suffer from the fuel pump gaffe, we have the likes of Amaze, City, Jazz, WR-V, BR-V among the others.

That said, those who’ve been told to return the cars back or simply, send them over do not know the exact date as to when might they get their purchased wagons back. Now one wonders- how tricky might that be?

All we can hope is to hear something positive and nice from the stable of Honda and that the issue is duly resolved.

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At the end of the day, this is no start-up brand; rather it is an icon of sorts, the kind of carmaker many in the journey of taking baby steps toward creating a space in the auto kaleidoscope would look upto as a father-figure- a true icon of our times.

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