Within days after the big development surrounding work constantly progressing in Tesla’s first and one-of-its-kind factories in Germany made news, in comes another first for the massive company in Western Europe’s beating heart. It turns out that Tesla’s first-ever electric car charging facility has also turned up in Berlin, the center of attention for everyone concerned with the massive brand’s maiden Europe factory.

In a rapid development, for there’s no other way to put it really, Tesla not only announced the latest (and very first) electric vehicle charging facility in Germany’s economic capital but also said that a string of other cities are to be added to that esteemed list.

Not a brand that likes to keep quiet; ever an entity that believes in going from a strength to another.

tesla electric charging Berlin
Source: Reuters

But back to what’s generating loud news, Tesla’s one-of-a-kind V3 charger allows the Model 3 cars to actually ramp up the charging process. Some of us may actually find it hard to believe that a car charge up to five minutes enables an EV to a distance of up to 120 kilometres.

Well, what a brilliant charging process might that V3 be, if one could put it like that!

The V3 charger is, therefore, rightly titled the supercharger and the said equipment was also recently demonstrated by the noted brand at a Berlin research campus in the recent past.

But where the company’s big business proposition lies, then the main aim, it is believed, is to target those buyers who suffer from the anxiety of not having enough proximity to a dependable charging facility.

In that regard, specialists from Tesla are targeting more buyers across a host of other German cities in the imminent future. The product is now available for commercial usage.

The market is flooded with several users who are often worried about a lack of proximity to a stable charging facility.

Having said that, here’s what Mr. Jeroen van Tilburg, who happens to be ‘Manager Europe of charging infrastructure, at Tesla’ happened to share on the said development:

Now, as part of our commitment to make Tesla ownership easy and convenient for everyone including those without immediate access to home or workplace charging, we are expanding out supercharging network into city centres.

Moreover, a report from the Hindustan Times’ auto section, also happened to elaborate on the mighty Tesla development and shared:

A company spokesman told reporters Tesla would open at least one more inner-city fast charging site in Germany in 2020, possibly more.

He stressed that Tesla still believed in slow workplace and residential charging as the main way to charge vehicles but wanted to offer a quicker option.

The above told, to be able to have access to charging equipment that can enable a car to function up to 120 km, which is no less than 75 miles, in just five minutes of charging is an excellent opportunity, one that can relieve a lot of driver anxiety, truth be told.

But gung-ho about the speed at which Tesla is aiming to grow in the market, the German economic minister, Mr. Peter Altmaier shared his gladness about the American brand’s presence in the country as he confessed that Germany had a lot to make up in the context of the country’s charging infrastructure.

Maybe, better days are around the corner for Europe’s strongest economy with Tesla working up some mighty fine progress!

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