Germany, one doesn’t need to be educated, is a pioneer of sorts in the realm of the automobile space. Anyone speaking of cars anywhere on this marvelous planet cites the example of Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and the likes when talks concern themselves with automotive excellence. On the other hand, someone like Tesla is a game-changer in the electric car revolution. The EV revolution no longer being the big futuristic picture the world needed to adapt amid the stark picture of a paucity of resources and climate change, but an ever-visible reality of the ‘present.’

So one can only imagine what might the world look like if two dominant forces were to join hands and aim to create a better, sustainable world. To cut to the point, the chances of the collaboration between Germany and Tesla can only point to a powerful future that creates opportunities and gives back to the ecological system that’s birthed it. Right?

In that regard, one of Tesla’s ambitious plans was to enter Germany, still a market that’s largely unexplored. The development of Tesla in Germany points to a refreshing new future in the sustainable automotive space.

But what needs to be done and how soon can Tesla in Germany be a reality, it must be asked?

Well, apparently, the current space of developments point to a major uptick. So what exactly is that? Up first, a bit of a context. It is widely known that Tesla has a massive factory in Fremont, California, which currently comprises not only 5.3 million sq feet of manufacturing but office space on 370 acres of land. Talk of length and breadth!

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In fact, the pattern of growth linked with the said Tesla factory is so enormous that it is expected to cultivate a huge number of jobs in the immediate future.

Now, there’s a plan for Tesla in Germany in the nearabouts of what already exists in the Sunshine state of North America.

In fact, so gung-ho seems the Angela Merkel administration in promoting Tesla in Germany that it is believed Elon Musk shall be extended every possible ‘assistance’ to grow his presence in the beating heart of Western Europe.

And exploring that mega promise further brings us to the very fact that a brand new Gigafactory is being planned on the outskirts of Berlin, the financial and political nerve centre of Germany.

The plans for the factory had initially been laid last November, and now come the new developments.

In addition to the above, a report published on economic and financial journal CNBC happened to report the following:

Musk and Germany economy minister Peter Altmaier had an hour long meeting in Berlin on Wednesday, according to a source familiar with the matter. “The main topics were Tesla’s billions of euros worth of investment in Germany,” the source said. 

The duo, who first met six years ago, also spoke about Musk’s projects in areas like space flight and autonomous driving. “You’ll have every assistance you need,” Altmaier reportedly said at a meeting with lawmakers from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party. 

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That being said, coming to more, it helps to know that the current factory is already undergoing construction and also happens to be Elon Musk’s first Tesla factory anywhere in Europe. Further inputs also suggest that the location for the massive facility lies 20 miles south east of Berlin in Brandenburg’s Gruenheide. This happens to be a 35- km long campus in current capacity.

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