The Honda cars are quite clearly, one of the best-loved and most-admired vehicles on the roads. That’s not the truth of a country like India alone. That’s also the truth wherever cars are loved and where one finds the concept of an automobile an inveterate love of life. Don’t you think so?

Honda Cars

Typically in a country like India, where a part of the audience that’s known as effluent are desirous of mega cars while in the exact same society there’s also a strata that is fuelled by aspirations, the Honda cars have made a name for themselves through sheer inimitable performance.

The very fact that these are Japanese cars makes them highly admirable and dependable as products with a slightly larger shelf life when one compares them to the other car brands.

Whether it is the classy and elegantly designed sedans or the efficient machines marked by unmatched mobility, such as the SUVs like Mobilio, there’s always a demand and rightly so, for the Honda cars.

But this year, quite frankly, just hasn’t been the year for the automobile market. In fact, the same can be said for the other industries as well. While there was always a demand for all car brands, the very fact that none saw a mega worldwide lockdown such as the Coronavirus epidemic has stumped one and all.

There’s not much to say also. Wherever one casts an eye, there’s no trade or manufacturing and hence, no business operations. Factories are sealed, dealerships are empty and the consumer is sitting back at home, having correctly abstained himself from making any sorts of purchase out there.

Amid these times, the Honda cars are having to fight what can only be called very challenging business times for a car manufacturer. For how else can one put it?

This has, invariably led to a series of downers for a widely renowned brand. But one problem that persists above anything else is that of the delay in the production of the cars.

And for starters, one can truly associate a possible concern that might have caused the disconsolation for the brand; maybe the delayed cycles of production that may have arisen out of an absolute closure on any kind of manufacturing or production activities, as much of the world is suffering from a complete step-back from productive work anyways.

That said, no amount of conjecture can help us understand the gravity of the problem. Therefore, what are the experts saying?

Here’s a report published on an important business journal:

Honda Cars India has two manufacturing facilities, one in Tapukara, Rajasthan and one in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Both pants had halted manufacturing in March 2020 when the lockdown was imposed. While Honda has received the green light from the state government of Rajasthan to resume manufacturing in Tapukara and aims to begin from next week. However, it has run into a snag. Goel said that workforce at the Tapukara plant resides in the nearby neighbourhoods of Dharuhera, Rewari. In order to resume production even at a lower level in a single shift, the manufacturer is finding it difficult to find the manpower to start production as planned. Goel confirmed that the manufacturer is currently evaluating the situation, along with its supply chain’s position, closely to take a decision on when to start production.

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But that being said, there does appear a trickle of positivity at the end of it all.

The same can be gauged in the words of the Sr. Vice-President and Director, Marketing and Sales, Honda Cars, who shared- ” With the new relaxations rolled out by the government, we were planning to restart operations in our Tapukara plant in Rajasthan sometime next week following the norms laid down by the Central and State Government as well as the local authorities.”

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