Another day, another terrible news where job security is concerned. In fact, dramatic that it may sound, it no longer seems as if we are in times where any sector for that matter is safe enough to bank on where the question of your long term sustenance is concerned. 

At a time where Germany has already opened, its borders no longer sealed, the country not operating more behind closed doors- the standard operating procedure for much of the world in times of the Corona epidemic- in comes a piece of news from a massive German corporate that’s bound to hit many back in Deutschland. And if it must be said, then not so lightly too!

In another disenchanting piece of news, BMW, unarguably one of the most highly sought and vibrant luxury car maker in the world, has decided to lay off no fewer than 10,000. 

At a time where the first reaction of the world is to get hold of some job stability and not make wild career moves; be content at what one has instead of mindless switching; BMW’s decision is torrid, sudden and filled with despair. 

BMW Germany

But having said that, the decision was not announced barring any confusion for the simple reason that while some publications shared that those who’re being told to leave are around 6,000; several others refuted the claim and said that the actual count is a lot more. 

So what’s this all about? 

Apparently, where the current developments stand then it’s believed that the actual count of those who are being told to leave is actually 10,000. 

Not only that, what is a news marked with grave concern for those who have no option but to move on now has its bearings in discussions that had been going on for a while now. 

That being said, BMW also confirmed that they had reached the decision with the works council as a part of the company’s strategy toward ensuring a more sustained future. 

In BMW parlance, the company dubbed such a measure as “personnel measures for a sustainable future!” 

That being said, it’s also now been revealed that as a part of this big decision, which surely has implications for thousands at the same time, the noted carmaker had decided not to renew the contracts of 10,000 in its Munich-based workforce.

Although, this isn’t the only negative news for the famous automotive giant as it was only a few days before where there were around 14 Covid 19 cases at the Spartanburg manufacturing facility. 

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But that’s BMW. What about others in the same league? 

But that we’ve seen a noted carmaker (that has decided that) slimming down its workforce from wherever necessary as maybe being the way to go forward also suggestive of what might happen to the likes of Mercedes and Porsche and an Audi, for example? 

For a country that, according to economists, has seen much better days in the automotive landscape where the factor of sluggish growth suggests a dampener, nothing could be more discouraging. 

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