Among the electric car manufacturers, the battle for the top position is primarily about one thing – Battery Technology. The American company Tesla seems to have made an incredible breakthrough. Tesla’s new wonder battery is said to cover 1.6 million kilometers. Let’s find more about it.

Instead of fuel, like in diesel and petrol engines, batteries are the energy source that enables the cars to get around. The electricity stored in it generates kinetic energy for driving. That is why they are the decisive success factor of the manufacturers, because the battery determines the range, how far you can drive without having to stop for fuel or recharge in this case. Also, the charging time and the mileage are an important purchase criterion, because corresponding charging breaks must be planned for longer distances and this discourages many buyers.

After all, it’s also about the lifespan of the cars, which can vary depending on the battery. In recent years, there have been repeated breakthroughs in super batteries that are intended to drive electric vehicles. Samsung recently made headlines with a battery that should allow electric car ranges of up to 800 kilometers and whose prototype has a lifespan of more than 1000 charging cycles.

Things are going good for Tesla as well. The purchase applications for electric cars broke the limit of 200,000 applications in May since the program began. From the start in summer 2016 to June 1, 2020, 206035 applications were received for the purchase of the Tesla electric vehicle. Since the last monthly interim result on May 1st, there have been 7714 new applications. A little more than in April but clearly below the record in March. At that time, more than 12,000 applications were received. There is no doubt that Tesla has established itself as a brand and is now looking to capture global markets.

Tesla car battery
Image Source – Wikimedia Commons

On the manufacturer side, BMW, Renault, and VW have also benefited from the global interest in battery-powered vehicles. These cars also received a good number of applications from buyers showing interest in buying what they have to offer as a smart electric choice in vehicles. 

The coronavirus has hit almost every industry hard, including the auto industry. In India as well, car sales have dipped to the lowest ever point and there is a fair reason for that. People are not spending money on something they can’t use because they are supposed to avoid going outside. Also, people have lost money during lockdown which was their regular source of income and will take some time to be recovered. 

The Indian Auto market was already suffering since last year and many companies are bound to be at loss this year again. To recover from the current situation, a new technology that can save both money and the environment might just prove to be the savior of the industry. The government also has to do a lot about the import duties to ensure future-friendly companies like Tesla are happy to invest in India thus creating more jobs. 

Also, the research section has to be improved by miles because there is no doubt that we have the potential and caliber to develop better technologies for the future however there is hardly any focus on the research field. Besides, we have a problem with brain drain. Once the threat from coronavirus is over, the auto industry will stand on its feet again however it seems unlikely to be happening this year.

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