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I utilize my varied experience to reflect on life in general. I write about what catches my imagination. A short attention span is sometimes a boon.

Watch The Bold And Uncensored Trailer Of Yaara Silly Silly

When a sex worker is treated and pampered with love, it can change her world upside down. The upcoming movie “Yaara Silly Silly” is a love story of a prostitute and a boy. It is mix genre of romance and…

Festivity In The Air

It’s that time of the year again when there’s this distinct smell of freshly blooming plumeria in the Delhi air. Like each year it’s a very romantic indicator that the pink weather is around the corner. I call it the…

Tanu weds Manu Returns verbiage

Tanu weds Manu Returns could very well be the next cult film for Hindi cinema. The accolade this movie has received in its first week of opening is not only commendable but also puts the faith of the average Hindi…