When it comes to dating and relationships, we always look for advice wherever it is coming from, owing to the fact that no one knows the perfect formula. There are no pre-decided guidelines that will make the first date a successful one, and how can it be? After all, everyone has a different personality that varies the choices we make or our reactions to a particular situation.

When it comes to astrology, some people regularly check their horoscope while some are deeply interested in personality traits. People do follow the advice based on their zodiac sign especially when it comes to relationships.

So here is the first date advice according to your astral stars that might help you make that date worth remembering and start a new chapter of your life.

1. Aries

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

Rather than taking your date out for a lunch or dinner, take them out for a game or dancing. Ask them their interest and then plan something that they have never done before. The element of surprise will be your game changer.

2. Taurus

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You know that you are not best at working an extra mile for something. Flowers and wine will be the best choice for your first date. Just be comfortable and do things that are of your interest.

3. Gemini


You know that you can keep things interesting and you are not afraid of handling whatever is thrown at your face. Just make a list of questions that you will like to ask them and you are all set to go.

4. Cancer


Your mood swings can literally make it go wrong but hold on, you only need to show then the caring and loving emotional side of yours that’s it. Don’t try to make grand gestures, just talk and play it smoothly.

5. Leo

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

You are the lion, there is no chance you can stay without being goofy and carefree. However, you need to provide your date an undivided attention so rather than talking about yourself, talk about them for a change.

6. Virgo


You have a habit of doing everything to the perfection. However, you don’t like people to know about it. Just make sure you are keeping the worst detail hidden as you need to tell them about all the good thoughts that crossed your mind while planning this date. Also chose a place that serves great food.

7. Libra


You have it all Libra. Your manners and good looks will manage all the things on its own. How about going out to a dance party, you will get to show them that you have got some moves too.

8. Scorpio

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

Your intense personality doesn’t have to come out on the first date. You need to be playful and chirpy. Appear cool and chilled out on the surface. Once they become important, they will understand your intensity.

9. Sagittarius

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You have a sense of adventure, so you need to plan something that brings out the best in you. Your honesty will play the biggest card on your first date. You will get them swooning in no time.

10. Capricorn

image source: mac.h-cdn.co
image source: mac.h-cdn.co

You need to slow down that long-term planning. Let them know what you are planning for your first date and don’t be judgemental. You have got trust issues but you don’t need to doubt someone on the very first date.

11. Aquarius

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

Plan something non-traditional as going with the flow has never been your approach in life. Go for something that may leave them surprised and don’t forget to establish a personal and emotional connection.

12. Pisces


You are emotional and imaginative. You need to go somewhere that has something to do with art and nature. You can go to a music concert or an exhibition where you can freely express yourself.

Avni S. Singh

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