Aquarius women have always been considered as mysterious women. Owing to their distinct and unique characteristics they always stand apart from others. Aquarius women are smart, witty and creative. They don’t have spare time for meaningless drama and they absolutely steer clear of nonsense in life. 

While most of the people find an Aquarius woman arrogant and introvert, however, there is more to her than what meets the eye. To understand them better here are some things that you should know about them. 

1. They are intelligent 

Intelligent woman

Aquarius women ooze with intelligence. They are highly creative and always try to break the norms. Take a simple thing to her and she will turn into an out of the box idea. They believe in a very unconventional approach in life. So if you enjoy a company that challenges your beliefs and makes you look at life through new perspectives then you might want to add an aquarian in your group. 

2. They love to set examples

Love to Set Example

She is always going to be the one people look up to as she wants it that way. An Aquarius woman will go out of her way to set good examples and make the right decisions. She will always give you the true and best advice even if it’s something that hurts you. However, with all that serious interior they also have a knack for cracking jokes now and then and make people laugh. All and all she is a crowd pleaser who knows her audience. 

3. They are easily bored

Bore Woman

An Aquarius woman is always looking for something more than ordinary. She loves to be surrounded by people who inspire her and keeps her mind engaged. She loves to discuss anything and everything with people, and only those who can keep up with her trail of thought, make a lasting impression on her. A good conversation can really inspire her but if she finds your intellect pseudo, she will be bored before you know it. 

4. They are sexually fearless 

Sexually fearless

Aquarius women are extremely curious about their sensuality. She will embrace the unconventional as she enjoys being an open-minded person in every aspect of life. She is usually ready to try just about anything in bed as long as you let her take control and make her believe that all that is happening is her choice. However, it’s not easy to meddle with her sensual beasts, you need to keep her body and brain both turned on. If you miss even a minute, her mind will wander off to something else. She invokes new energy in bed and that’s downright hot! 

5. They are prisoners of their own thoughts

Prisoners of their own thou
today’s purpose woman

As much as she enjoys being a part of the world, she can’t help the dilemmas of her own mind. She gets trapped in her own mind and no one can help her get out of there. Aquarius women have a tendency to overthink, overanalyze and overstress which leads them to harm and disturb their own mental health. Although Aquarians have a very tough exterior but if you hurt them they will feel disconnected to the world till the time you will put their mind at ease. 

6. They have an acute sense of fairness 

Sense of Fairness

An Aquarius woman will never go ahead and declare that she is right. She will always give equal weight to your point, evaluate and then decide. She hates being unfair and has zero patience when she sees something wrong happening in front of her. You cannot convince her to be on the wrong side. She will refrain from doing anything that questions her integrity. 

7. She likes to be on her own

Like to be her Own

Whether it is in love or career, an Aquarius woman will break out of any relationship that bothers her freedom. Her rule is simple in life – Live and let live. It’s not right to state that she needs appreciation all the time but as soon as she feels unappreciated, she bids adieu. She loves her personal space and feels confident when she doesn’t have to prove herself every minute of the day. So if you don’t want to scare her away, don’t mess with her freedom. 

Aquarius women may come across as rebellious kind but they are one hell of a company. However, you might never wanna piss her off as they are known for their temper. They don’t lose their cool easily but when they do, hell breaks loose. 

They are one of the most passionate women you will ever meet. So, make sure to embrace their presence in your life. 

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