Leo men are some of the most alluring and confident people on this planet that can swoon anyone with their charm and grace. They are also the life of the party which simply adds up to their attractive, so it isn’t really a surprise that you have fallen for one. But what is a surprise is the fact that he’s also into you and completely adores you.

Now that this is out of the window, let’s concentrate on a more important thing, are you competent enough to bear the good, bad and ugly of your crush.

Leo men have layers to them that can only be peeled by a person they give the opportunity to. Which is why if you have been given that opportunity then make the best use of it by being kind and amazing to your crush. Here are 5 things that you should know before dating Leo men.

1. They’re confident.

These are some of the most confident creatures on the planet which is why there’s absolutely nothing that can take the spotlight away from them. Plus, they have been like this since they were born, so you can’t really choose to be quiet and secluded with them. This can be both a good and a bad news, depends on how you take it.

2. They don’t like the jealousy game.

When a Leo man is in the game, he’s in the game, so using the whole hard to get thing wouldn’t work so great on them. They absolutely hate getting jealous so trying to do something like that can take an immediate wrong turn in this case.

3. They’re sensitive

One might not know but they’re an extremely sensitive sign that doesn’t like to show that side of there’s to everyone around them. So, if you’re someone who actually gets to be that close, then value it.

4. Let them decide

An ideal date for a Leo is one that lets them shine. Let them plan the date, so you can be wowed, or do an activity they know they’re awesome at. They hate being shoved in the corner or to be felt down which is why you should not even try to go into that lane.

5. They are a serious case of wanderlust

If wanderlust is a bug, then Leo men are absolutely bitten by it. They love to travel and explore new places, culture and meet new people and they can not imagine their life not doing it. So if you’re someone who isn’t so stoked about travelling the world and exploring it, then it’s better to leave the case here as it is.

Are you ready to get through all of this?

Jyotsna Amla

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