Zadie Smith is one of the most influential and strong female writers we have in the world today. Her first novel – White Teeth – became an instant success and made millions of people fall in love with her, due to her exceptional talent for writing and storytelling. Her work is not only applauded by many but has also piqued the interest of readers in the world around them.

She’s a readers’ writer, which stands true due to all the essays she has curated over the years. Smith has time and again explained how much she loved writing and how writing offered her an escape she longed for, all her life.

Her voice on paper is loved by the readers and continues to attract more and more people to her work. She’s on top of almost every Bibliophile’s list and those who have read her work, just dream of meeting her one day and talk about everything that influenced her life and writing. She drives her readers completely in and this is pretty apparent by these Zadie Smith quotes too.

We have accumulated 10 Zadie Smith quotes that will give you life lessons on love and life, but more than all that, these quotes will push you to write as much as possible. Zadie is a huge believer in words and one can spot that in her work and quotes too, check them out here.

1. Always tell the truth.

Zadie Smith Quotes

2. Writing is the best form of meditation.

Zadie Smith Quotes3. Never underestimate the power of a woman.

Zadie Smith Quotes4. Don’t always look out for the past, anticipate for the future.

Zadie Smith Quotes5. Despair is the perfect test of one’s belief in themselves.

Zadie Smith Quotes6. Two different histories, two different sides.

Zadie Smith Quotes7. Is it a lie?

Zadie Smith Quotes8. Be alive and tell about it to everyone.

Zadie Smith Quotes9. We are the creatures of consequences, everything we do will have an effect on this world.

Zadie Smith Quotes10. And you should too.

Zadie Smith QuotesAren’t these Zadie Smith quotes just amazing and full of inspiration?

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