Is it World War 3 or Another invasion by USA?

With the latest updates from Iran and the USA, that shook the world to its core, the possibility of another war has increased drastically. According to Iranian media, Iran has retaliated against the USA for killing Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi on January 3rd, by firing 12 missiles on the Al-Assad air base in Iraq where US forces are deployed. Iran claims that 80 Americans were killed in the attack but US President Donald Trump denied the claims by tweeting that all is well and there were no American casualties at all. In the meantime, the US has deployed its B-52 bombers to Iraq in case there is a war.

The tensions were never so high amongst Iran and the USA in direct conflict. In September 2019, Saudi oil fields operated by Saudi Aramco were attacked by drones and the US blamed the Iranian Government for perpetrating the attacks. The tensions have been building up since, between both nations that may turn into World War 3.

Why was Qasem Soleimani important?

Soleimani role in World war 3
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Qasem Soleimani was the chief architect of Iran’s activities outside Iran. He was never shy of spilling blood both inside and outside the country, whether it is about suppressing the anti-regime protesters or creating Islamic militia outside Iran. He was constantly blamed for planning terrorist attacks in places as far as Bulgaria and Thailand. However, Soleimani’s biggest challenge and so-called achievement was in Syria during the civil war. Syria was the place where Iran armed and equipped its militias with the help of President Bashar al-Assad. In 2011, Millions of Syrians protested against Assad in the streets to overthrow him. Soleimani took the matter in his own hands to suppress the protesters directing the Quds Forces to take any measures required. Within two weeks, 1500 protesters died and more than 27000 were injured. After this Soleimani was the top target of the Allied forces and was treated as a terrorist and according to some regimes, Soleimani’s killing will change the Middle East like never before.

The aftermath of Soleimani’s death in Iran

Iran movement towards WW3
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In Iran, spontaneous demonstrations against the USA are taking place in almost all parts of the country. According to media reports, hundreds of thousands are flocking into the streets to take part in the demonstrations. Widespread criticism against the USA and anti-American slogans such as DEATH TO THE USA and AVENGE SOLEIMANI DEATH can be heard all across Iran. This act seems to have united the Iranians like never before. Soliemani’s daughter also addressed the public and said that both the USA and Israel can expect darker days ahead and claimed that President Trump is just a puppet in the hands of the Zionists. However, Soleimani’s burial is to be performed on Wednesday and according to sources, possible military action from Iranians can be expected after that.

Why it can turn into a World War 3?

The USA has been determined to pin the blame for anything and everything bad happening in the middle east on Iran. Iranians are not only blaming Trump but indirectly blaming the allied forces for the military action and inciting agitation. The shock is too widespread in Iran to be suppressed even if they don’t want tensions to escalate with the USA. The Iranian government also claims that this is an act of war by the USA and they will not shy away from revenge or war. The ball seems to be in Iran’s court now and the world awaits in tension.

World War 3 – Who supports whom?

Who supports whom in WW3

The USA knows that this war will not be the same as other wars like Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. It will be a conflict on an entirely different scale. Both nations have well trained and highly sophisticated armies.

Though in military comparison, Iran is very far behind the USA that has more warships, planes, helicopters and active troops and has much more advanced technology than Iran. However, Iran may switch to guerrilla warfare at the beginning of the conflict itself that the US always shies away from. Iran can also call its many allies in the Middle East to fight against the USA like Shia militia, Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Houthis during the conflict.

America with its usual allies will respond swiftly as previously done in other countries it has been to war with. Its major allies are Britain, France, Germany and Saudi, Israel and Jordan within the region. However, all European countries want to stay away from war this time because Iran is not, a depleting that or weak force. The Allied Forces will be up against a thoughtful adversary.

When is WW3 starting
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As things stand at the moment, this is not very likely. Trump fears that a large war will significantly reduce his chances in the November presidential election. Tehran also wants to stick to its strategy of limited military operations for obvious reasons. However, the attacks could increase and become more violent.

In view of the heightened tensions, Great Britain wants to send two warships to the Persian Gulf. The destroyer HMS Defender and the frigate HMS Montrose are supposed to protect merchant ships in the strategically important Strait of Hormuz.

Iraq May Slip Into Chaos Again

Iraq in WW3

The situation has been chaotic since the 2003 US invasion. Influential people in the USA have claimed that nothing good came out of the Iraq war and it only created further differences with Iraq. However, further radicalization can be expected as influential Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has already instructed his followers to be ready to protect Iraq.

Two-thirds of the Iraqi population are Shias. Iran regards itself as the protective power of the Islamic religion. The ties between Baghdad and Tehran have been very close for years. Iraq’s dependence on Iran is likely to increase. Thousands of Iraqis demanded revenge during Soleimani’s funeral procession. They followed the coffin in Baghdad on Saturday and chanted threats against the United States.

The World again has to Suffer Because

Suffering due to WW3
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If World War 3 starts, the prices of oil and gold will rise as well due to a shortage in supply. The economies around the globe will suffer because of one man’s decision to choose the most extreme action among others, either for revenge or to fulfill a political purpose. Trump has been blamed for agitating Iran for conflict, just 10 months before the elections, in order to regain public support that he has lost during the past 4 years. Hopefully, it is not true and both countries will come to their senses to see the bigger picture that nothing good ever comes out of war.

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