For starters, here is a simple query. What do Edith Piaf, Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas and a French bulldog have in common? Anyone? An extra five seconds worth of bonus, just for you.

The answer is simple and pretty simple indeed. It’s opera. But surely one of the options right there must have forced you to pull out an extra couple hair from your head, isn’t it?

How on earth can a dog’s breed be in a list that includes some of the greatest singers of opera that there ever have been? But such is life. It often throws open a list of surprises that none are ever expecting to receive. There often are news items that surprise us just as much as they leave us in a bit of a tizzy. In a bit of news that can, for the lack of a better word, eschew the bark out of other dogs, Walter, a French Bulldog, it has been found, seems to sing the opera quite well.

That said, the news is becoming a viral sensation of sorts especially given the rather surprising outcome of events. It’s not too hard to understand why. At the most, dogs can spare us the loud grunts. And can also forgo the disastrous habit of barking a great deal. Often, dogs can take to barking and be getting loud the same way a singer takes to familiar retakes inside a recording studio. But dogs do not sing. Dogs do not do the Waltz or a step from Salsa. Above anything else, dogs aren’t known to be singing opera.

For a form of singing that can inspire envy particularly given the onerous challenge exerted on the vocal chords, it’s not always that one hears a news like that. Imagine the kind of a furore the breakout of the dog who sings opera would have made in the mainstream?

Perhaps, one would’ve made way to look out for things better than the French Bulldog does the opera-kind of news. “Walter does the opera in style”, “Walter croons woof-woof in Opera style” and other similar pieces of news would’ve moved other pet owners with a sense of envy, with dog owners specifically staring at their pets with a quizzical expression, “when will you emulate Walter?”

Right now, Walter the French bulldog who croons with a kindly elegance and swag stays in the United States. And it goes without a doubt to suggest that Walter’s owner; Amber is clearly a big hit in the residential area and in the rest of the city of Austin, in Texas. How well must have Walter adjusted to the starry reception that it is fetching from the land of the Star-Spangled Banner, is just anyone’s guess? It’s always a special treat when your dog is recognised for a special talent of a feat.

Most other dogs do things that are in the ebb of the normal or regular. For instance, fetching the ball from a distance and swimming alongside their owners or other pets inside the swimming pool to bring up some fun. But Walter, the regular-looking French bulldog, is away from the normal fold of things.

So far, if you hit up the simple phrase- the opera-singing dog- in your search-engine, it will guide you on all things that are in public domain about this incredibly gifted hound. Singing in the car all of a sudden with the video that captured Walter’s great moment, his mum- Amber-luckily recorded the video in which the cuddly pet was seen crooning from the top of its voice. And the rest, as they say, is quite simply- a social media story.

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