Every now and again, there comes along a news that makes you laugh incessantly even if it doesn’t really intend to do so. In an age where everyone is going nuts about fashion and turning into, well, a self-styled fashionista, would you be surprised if you heard that even pets like dogs and cats had turned to surgery?

Let’s not kid ourselves. Actually, most of us would be surprised and be completely befuddled to learn that in today’s day and age, even pet dogs need to get some form of treatment, truly ridiculous that it may sound.

But, thankfully, on this occasion, it had to be said that the Dachshund puppy was lucky to get treatment from the doctors as his concern wasn’t to look like a fashion diva, rather get treated urgently for a condition. It appeared that the cute-looking Dachshund was suffering from some serious bloating of its face. So serious became the condition of the poor dog that it had begun to struggle for breathing.

In comparison to its tiny-sized body, Trevor, the Dachshund had begun to bloat unreasonably from the face. It appeared that the dog was in some serious kind of trouble. At 4, Trevor the Dachshund is full of life and stays well and acts playful on most normal days along with its keeper Jennings, a lady who runs a pet hotel. But on sensing that all was not well, the Dachshund’s owner was left with no option but to rush the dog to medical care urgently.

It appeared that the tiny, 4-year-old puppy had actually sustained an injury to its windpipe and that is where the trouble got brewing. On account of this injury, matters quickly changed for the worse and contributed to worsening the condition of the hapless dog. Due to the injury of the windpipe, air snuggled into the dog’s body and this caused another further trouble, the owner of the Dachsund shared.

The phenomenon led to the air seep underneath the dog’s skin. This contributed to the bloating of the pup’s face. Never an easy phenomenon to deal with, is it?

As minutes turned into hours and the condition of Trevor did not improve, even one bit, Jennings, thankfully rushed Trevor to a doctor. This is when the dog had begun appearing clearly uncomfortable owing to its current situation. Upon being brought to a 24-hour emergency pet clinic, some respite was finally on offer to the struggling, waning Trevor, much to the delight of Ms Jennings.

Dachshund DogUpon more interaction between the doctor who was in-charge of taking care of little Trerovr and Jennings, the following conversation came to light.”Basically, we came down one day and found Trevor in a bad state,” Trevor’s doctor said, as part of a statement from the veterinary group. “He literally looked like he’d blown up like a balloon and we had no idea what had happened. He was three times the size he should’ve been. We put him straight in the car and took him to the 24-hour emergency vets and they had never seen anything quite like it.”

But, of course, in the run up to the worrying situation, a common question upset fellow pet owners and other dog-lovers? How exactly did the dog’s face bloat up to such a terrible extent? What really had happened to little Trevor’s face? Was there a medical condition to the sudden escalation of the problem? And truth be told, there is a name for the said dogs’ medical condition.

The Dachshund was diagnosed with a condition known as subcutaneous emphysema. This is not that common, after all. Thankfully, due to the diligence and quick work by the doctors, Trevor was saved. But it may have gotten real worse, truth be told. Every time he took a breath, some of the inhaled air escaped through a hole in his windpipe around the muscles and fatty tissue under the skin, and X-rays showed the emphysema was worsening, it is believed.

At the end of the day, dogs are sensitive just like us humans and in most cases where true pet owners are concerned, dogs too need the kind of extreme care that only commonly extends to small children. Thankfully, little Trevor was alright, even as it did look funny on account of the situation he had developed.

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