India is going through a massive climate change moment where thunderstorms and sandstorms have become a new normal in northern parts of the country. Hundred something people have already been noted dead in the thunderstorm and many other cities like Delhi, have been put on high-alert and warnings.

But the reality is, the sun is shining brighter than ever in Delhi, in fact, it’s shining a bit more bright than one can even process. The temperature is at its highest with no sign of relief from any kind of thunderstorm whatsoever.

As the people of Delhi wait for the warning filled thunderstorm to actually come, one country in the world is already experiencing the worst.

source: DailyMail

Western Germany has been hit by deadly tornadoes that have already taken two lives and destroyed more than 50 homes. The twister touched down near the city of Viersen, around 40 miles west of Dusseldorf, around 6 pm on Wednesday evening. Emergency shelters have been installed in the city to keep the people safe and away from danger. An even alarming news is that various fallen down trees have blocked down the roads, including some crucial ones that provide a passage to leave the city. This means that now, people can’t even get out of the city to escape this massacre.

In the midst of it all, one man was able to catch the glimpse of these tornadoes that can’t seem to stop anytime soon. He also recorded himself passing through one of them and how bad the situation really is.

Check out the video over here:

As unbelievable as the entire thing looks, it’s, in fact, true and happening. So far this year there have been six tornadoes in Germany and each one of them has been worse than the earlier one.

source: DailyMail

However, this is not a new story, each year the country is hit by between 30 and 60 storms, with ‘tornado season’ running from May until September. By the look of the video, we can only pray for the well being of people and quick recovery for others.

Jyotsna Amla

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