The University is that place that could be likened to a temple of higher learning. It’s a spiritual exercise. It’s where students convulge with books, notes, citations, professors and an extravagantly important paraphernalia to help them reach their education goals. And perhaps, it is that final step that is a launchpad to begin many a student’s careers.

To triumph in at the University means to get ahead in the race. And to flounder here could be likened to an exercise in rotting. But then, in order to extract the best from oneself as from the Academia, isn’t it important that students get to focus properly? So what happens at the University of Kent that is perturbing its students and preventing them to chart their path ahead?

In an interesting development that’s nearly charred students’ clean path, it’s been found that the University of Kent is dealing with the problem of dead rabbits. In the first instance, if this completely caught you by a surprise then wait to read the full problem in its magnanimity. Students and commoners and those working in the University of Kent are dealing with the feistiest problem that they would have ever encountered. Someone out there is throwing dead rabbits around the University of Kent’s campus and it is not even funny.

Imagine the peril nightmare that may have caught up with the students at the University of Kent? To have a dead hare thrown at you whilst you are completely engaged in otherworldly pursuits or to simply put it, busy, how would that make you feel? Reports published in leading English online daily- Daily Mail- suggest that someone keeps throwing dead rabbits on students whilst they are at their nest (the student flats). And truth be told, few other sites can be as appalling as seeing a dead rabbit being hurled at someone.

University of Kent
Kent Live

Where the current matter stands, the University of Kent has already launched a detail investigation into the matter and it is believed that efforts are on to catch the perpetrator responsible for sending shivers down many a spine at the university campus. A truly widespread university campus, the University of Kent has around close to 5400 rooms on the campus spanning a massive 300 areas of land. And the entire spectacle, even if conceived imaginatively- being tossed up fluffy dead rabbits- is kinda of creepy enough for someone to hold on to the curtains of one’s room or simply jump onto the floor.

After it was lobbed cheekily through a window, one male student was hit directly by a dead rabbit and the youngster has been shocked and terrified ever since. Similarly, other accounts have been flowing in speaking of an unmistakable terror. Another business studies student- a girl- was left stunned when a flying dead rabbit came in from the window and struck her friend in their flat. The incident, unpredictable, its horrors for everyone to see and the perpetrator- still out on loose.

In other cases, dead rabbits or bunnies have been found to be occupying many a student’s kitchens. Can there be another grizzlier horror than seeing something as shocking as this sight? Describing the perpetrator as a ghoul, the university is still trying to catch hold of the culprit responsible for this furore. But what seems highly likely is that if it is not some miscreant who may actually be a student at the University of Kent, then it could be the act of some loose cannon who simply wishes to cause about some needless consternation.

In popular culture, the world has seen several movies dedicated to the troubles that be at college campuses. There have been murder mysteries and there has been some pricky, plucky killer who wants nothing to do with peace whatsoever. But all that said, it could be argued that the current case is so slimy that it may actually inspire some movie-maker to come up with a script that captures this appalling incident.

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